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A little help please...

Discussion in 'Elections & Political Parties' started by SusanConstant, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. SusanConstant

    SusanConstant Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2008
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    Was not sure where to post this but:

    So many odd things happened concerning my Supreme Court case, espescially over the last three weeks, that I did some digging as there is only one single common denominator - an individual clerk withn the court who threatened to " sink [my] case" if I ever managed to file as he was pissed, angry, resentful and full of hate over the fact that a person who was a woman and had no law degree argued circles around him when he made excuses for not mailing me the rules of the court. You see, he kept insisting that no woman could, as in she did not have the human ability, file a petition on her own behalf and/or to argue her own case before the court. He made statements that were erroneous and not our law. For instance he said no mothers were ever heard so I named Lassiter. He said no custody cases or parental rights cases were ever heard so I named Lassiter again as well as Stankowsky v Kramer. He said no cases of oj. were ever heard so I cited Bush v Gore. Then he said the US Supreme Court would not ever, as it was their policy, allow any person to enter directly. I cited Marbury who did enter directly and which says one may and I also told him that there, that very thing - stating rule or policy as law nd which is unconstituional and targets woman only - is the very thing I could use to then...enter directly as equal and due means if one man did then one woman may and it is up to me ot then avoid Marbury's fate. I could cite this unwritten, unjust policy as I knew that the US supreme Court had become a beast that Marshall never named. No where in our law is the power it exerts or the court as it exists TODAY not back then is within our law. It was never named in our law but Marshall's reasoning is constitutional thus it was up to Marbury to then act which he did not.

    When i pointed this out to him, that he was invoking and actng upon rule as law only as it had the label "Supreme Court" in front of it as if the federal court could make law thus I did own the legal argument to do what I needed to do, he refused to answer any questions, spit venom at me and isued his threat, that, "If you ever manage to write that petition? I will see to it that it is sunk so it never sees the light of day." He said again it was as no WOMAN would be allowed by the clerks.

    I believed he'd try but did he have the means to carry out his threat? I found out over the last few weeks he not only always had the means it seems as if he did it so that the Justices never read my petition or knew what federal quetions I was aking as I asked about Natural birth as far back as 2007 as I saw Arnold coming and natural birth is the case for women. Using black to then bait and switch the public thus ignore the constituion is to then deny women liberty permanently. It is changing a term of our law without any process. It is robbing women before they ever are accorded their inalienable rights. I saw arnold not barack. But - I argued ALL names on the ballot were unjust not only Obama's. Natural birth is the least of his problems.

    Anyhoo, I now have evidence rising to proof that this guy is the person who circumvented the entire US thus denying you informed consent as the solicitor general failed to respond in my case due to an action of the court [that one clerk] as my case name was arbitrarily changed and without my consent and that his motive was to sink my case and to avoid any consequences of harming women by citing rule as law aka discrimination as he always and forever changed the codition of woman, such as changing his excuse to mother. He not once said a man coul not but only no woman would be allowed to!

    So now my problem is: How do I directly serve a Justice or Justices as I must name them as they have given clerks overly broad power and power not named on our law. For instance, the process they say that is then how cases are set for conference? Not true! I discovered that they actually so soemthing that makes it seem as if your case is being heard aka seriously considered but it is not or rather may not be. but you nor the public would evr nkow this. There is an official docket but then a sort of unofficial docket we do not have access to.

    Do the individual Justices have attorneys? If they do would you know the names of them? Who could serve them my suit directly as in hand it to them? It canot go through the clrks office but os far i have n ozero luck in finding that person. I thought the postmaster genral might be able to do it. the post office keps claoiming they do not know and cannot find out, lol.

    Any ideas guys? My legal fight is a matter of my actual life or death and then it is also for you -all women and children plus all enlisted service members thus all Native Americans as that is what a natural born American is. I'm arguing to enforece the Declaration and Constitution; to provide us with actual equal opportinity and to remove the corruption and money from the elected offices. The US failing to respond is then a breach of contract case!

    I'm fighting so you all become your very own constituional authority as none of these clowns are over you or above you according to law and to Marbury as you're all equals, all volunteers and all self-adujuicating or so the law says. It is a matter of the crooks abusing power obeying the law rather than expcepting themselves from it while then holding you to it.

    i'll pursue any ideas you have as I recently had a visit from the Secret Service who openly admitted they had no legal cause but were asking to speak to me anyways. I recited the law and marbury to them and said, "You then do realize you may be guarding a man not the legal President elect and who has no right to this protection and who may not even be a citizen let alone a natural born citizen? That the citizens ignored the Constitution to then 'elect' him? That this vote is a crime known as treason?" They admitted this. "That you are obeying, at taxpayer expense, an illegal and immoral and unethical order?" YES again! then they still asked to search my person.

    I told them: "Okay, now you are about to do soemthing you'll regret. i know that you truly do not get my point of law as you never read the petition agaisnt Obama but if I am claiming that I am the authority as I am equal, able and do have the protected, fully vested right, then if I allow you to search me I lose my federal standing as I am then legally acknowledging you as the constituional authority over or above me?" The guy sank back and sighed. Then he asked again and when he came to my home w/o any actual reason or cause but only as a person reported I filed a federal suit naming Obama in the title!!!

    I said "Time to go fellas!" As they were leaving? One agent conducted what constitues an illegal search as you may look at what is in plain sight but not pick up, open or root through anything w/o my permission. You can read the titles in my bookcase as you pass but you cannot pick up and open a book. You can read the title on a DVD but not play it. If you do read a title or see a paper and ask me if you can open it or play it or read it and I say YES? Then I have given my consent to be searched. I NEVER gave consent yet this guy did something that is not legal. Thus:

    If I cannot get before a Justice as I am being made to go thorugh male clerks, and one in paticluar that threatend me and that threat then came to pass and who is the one and only common denominator, I may have no choice but to purposely have the Secret Service arrest me as I cannot be convicted due to my unique legal situation. My only other option? Pawn my wedding rings and go to DC to protest and pass out my petition in hopes one of you will finally, at last, obey the law thus act in my defense.

    Thnaks in advance! Please email me your ideas re how to serve a Justice with notice of suit at Bdobry@bellsouth.net.

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