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Are lab-visit exchanges even possible?

Discussion in 'House of Debates' started by reedak, May 9, 2020.

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    May 1, 2014
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    The following is full text of an article posted on behalf of my great friend Wchao37 under the headline "Are lab-visit exchanges even possible?":

    (Begin text)
    A war can manifest itself in many forms.

    Bombs flying all-around show only one such form, while tempestuous accusatory exchanges often show another equally potent form because they can determine who's going to occupy the high pedestal of morality in global affairs.

    That's why it is important for China not to underestimate the destructive power of such exchanges should they become lopsided against us even as we monopolize all the good deeds and intentions in fighting COVID-19.

    Those who believe Trump is only thinking of balancing bilateral trade deficits are only fooling themselves – his henchman Pompeo’s barrage of lies is not merely a bag of balloon-popping darts, but a cartload of poisonous arrows aimed at our nation’s heart.

    The notoriously ill-mannered, self-admitted cheater-liar-thief-all-rolled-into-one “Secretary of State” is trying to build a consensus not only including the Five-Eye Anglo nations but other states as well.

    You’ve heard that the clarion call to action in the U.S. was "MAGA" during Trump’s inauguration ceremony more than three years ago, but its central thrust has been changed to "Make America as disunited as Grated cheese Again" in their attempt to fish in troubled waters and radicalize the voters who have been traumatized by the COVID-19 pandemic in this election year.

    These U.S. voters are waiting for confirmatory signals of a safe target against whom they can unload their frustrations without fear of any reprisals -- verbal or otherwise -- and so should we stand idly by while these illogical malcontents of American society galvanize into a destabilizing force in the global community?

    They have seen with their own eyes how they would still be handsomely rewarded even as they were inflicting emotional trauma on the Chinese nation by rewarding goodwill with irascible hatred and incurable racism. That's why we need to vocalize with equal vehemence our reason-based objections and launch an even more massive counterattack while treating Washington D.C. and the individual states differently.

    Why should we give the Trump-Pompeo-Bannon-Navarro clique the help they are seeking in steering the world towards chaos in the globalized city called Erehwon – which is nowhere spelled backward -- by staying quiet and making ourselves such a safe and tame target?

    Using that perspective as a starting point, it would mean that our response to their provocations must be two-pronged -- not only must we be ready mentally and physically for battles involving bombs and missiles, we must also be prepared to return their accusatory firework displays by invoking Newton’s Third Law of Motion – to every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction – or else quiet retorts included in evening news are merely duds.

    That's why our side must respond like behavioral psychologists would and give them the strong rebuff they deserve as a form of negative reinforcement immediately after each instance of their blame game and not wait until the excitement has passed and nobody remembers what we are talking about.

    In other words, we must stick to CCP's long-cherished tradition of not attacking unless we are attacked, but if we are attacked we will definitely counterattack. If we didn't dare to counterattack when the Korean War broke out simply because we were outgunned and outmatched in every conceivable measure of aggregate power, we would never have won the precious time for the next seventy years to lay the foundation of our national reconstruction which in retrospect had rendered our goal of building Xiaokang Society through dire-poverty elimination achievable.

    Now at least we are strong enough to stress true parity in international relations, and that means criminalizing the act of stigmatizing China just as in the case of Germany today where you would be risking imprisonment if you eulogize Hitler and his Third Reich.

    Like contortionists stuck inside the barrel of a circus gun struggling for disentanglement, the clique doesn’t seem to understand that the fuse has already been lit by their misconduct and the more they struggle by exhuming more toxic lies, the more likely they are going to be blown to pieces by a misfiring gun -- the recent Santa Clara County coroner’s report disproving Wuhan as the source of COVID-19 was a case in point.

    Staying quiet and raising only scant objections during evening news won't do the job because those lies will be repeated ad nauseum. Remember what Adolf Hitler observed in his use of the Big Lie technique: a lie repeated a thousand times becomes a lie no more because people would start to doubt their own judgmental faculties and begin to rationalize and wrestle truth out of utter untruths, and that ordinary folks do not believe petty lies but would find it hard to disbelieve big lies because they don't have the gore to do such a horribly dishonest thing themselves, and so whoever can do it must be right or else why are they not immediately rebuked or sanctioned by the accused?

    That's why on the issue of the Wuhan Lab, the fraudsters keep hammering away even as their security experts are denying their own allegations -- what might our negotiation points be on the issue of lab-visit exchanges?

    We must first know their purpose of telling deliberate lies and raising the false Wuhan issue in the first place -- they are betting on our refusing their lab visitation requests as unwarranted sovereignty intrusions, and that's what they want -- because then they can tell their constituents China's refusal is proof that the Wuhan lab has something to hide.

    It is the same attempt to occupy the high moral pedestal of world opinion as in the case of former General Colin Powell who used a vial of white laundry powder as proof in a UN session that Iraqi president Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction before George Bush launched the invasion in 2003. So we must sweep them off that high pedestal by offering counter-proposals which they too would find hard to accept.

    First, we can start by demanding to know all U.S. data on all the inculpatory and exculpatory evidence, the purported causes, and consequences of the Fort Detrick leak back in the summer of 2019, which led to its closure in July of that year.

    Second, we need to have access to all 2019 data in the U.S. CDC in the presence of WHO observers. After all, CDC head Dr. Robert Redfield had testified to the U.S. Congress in March 2020 that many of the so-called flu cases were in fact caused by coronavirus A in late summer and fall of 2019, leading to between 14,000 and 22,000 deaths as a result of millions of infections.

    Third, while foreign friends had been allowed to visit the Wuhan Virology Institute before the COVID-19 broke into the open, the Fort Detrick bio lab formerly headed by Japanese War Criminal Ishii had always been shrouded in mystery. We can justifiably demand the reciprocal right to examine the data from both Fort Detrick and the U.S. CDC due to their close working relationship.

    Fourth, we must procure rights to examine the serological results of the five soldiers who were evacuated from Wuhan two days before the rest of the U.S. delegation. All tests must be done under the watchful eye of all parties concerned.

    Obviously, no one should shy away from the performance of these necessary steps since we are the victims of these accusations and lab-examination rights must be reciprocated.

    Chances are they will climb down from their high pedestal because they won't be able to hide for long under the negotiation table, especially if during these hard times a whistleblower appears out of Erehwon. (End text)

    Source: https://bbs.chinadaily.com.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1906379&extra=&page=1

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