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Cash for Clunkers a prelude to Government Health Care

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Andy, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Andy

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    First, this is another one of those really brainless systems where people allow the government to take money from their back pocket, to give it to their front. Yay I got $4,500 dollars, that they looted from my paycheck! Undoubtedly taxes will go up very soon, yet that won't stop ignorant people from supporting it.

    Yet even the implementation was horrible.
    After an entire 15 minutes, the government site crashes. Let's hope they can do just as good a job with health care.

    Dealers have complained non-stop about the insane regulations and governmental hoops they have to jump through to get the rebate.

    Can't wait for the health care nightmare.

    Further, it doesn't even do what it was intended to do, while at the same time destroying wealth.
    With the goal being to get people out of low mpg cars, and into high mpg cars, the BMW 535IS is rated at 26 MPG. That's low mileage?

    Better still, from an economics stand point, this is absolutely nuts. In the middle of a recession, our government is actually paying people to destroy wealth. Perfectly good cars are being destroyed. That's brilliant.


    Not only brilliant, but it's also broke. In under 6 days, all the money was gone. Boy I can't wait till they do this with health care! What else can they bankrupt us on?

    I'm shocked. Aren't you?

    What is even more ironic is that the people who could be most harmed by this program or the often cited poor people that Liberals claim to care about. After all, by removing perfectly fine older cars from the road, it will make it more difficult for low-income people to find affordable transportation. But snobbish liberals never care about that.


    Huh, sounds like socialized medicine where suddenly you are too old to benefit from this surgery, or suddenly finding out your prescription medication is no longer considered cost-effective. Don't you love government programs?

    We can always trust government though. They'll never bait and switch on us. Especially with cost....

    I can't wait till they find GovCare so popular they deiced to keep it running longer than a week as well. Maybe add another $2 Trillion for it.

    You really want these idiots controlling health care? They can't even run a program to for old-car trade ins, without it crashing the first 15 minutes, blowing through the entire budget in a week, and tripleing the original cost estimate!!

    It didn't even really boost car sales either! Thousands choose not to buy a car for months before hand because they heard about this deal coming up. Further, thousands more choose to buy a car, that they would have bought anyway, early to take advantage of the deal. In short, the slow sales prior, and the forth coming slow sales after this program, will offset any gains in sales during it.

    Not to mention, dealerships are getting burned in the process....

    Hey look at that! A waiting list, and it's not even socialized health care! So they have nine people working on just submitting applications for this program. Sounds like a government run system to me. What do you think?

    Whatever minor economic benefit, will be overshadowed by the coming inflation, or taxation to pay for it. And even beyond that, very few, if any new car sales could be said to have been directly due to the cash for clunkers program. Most would have bought a new car anyway.

    Finely it's massive screw ups, blow outs, and going broke, are exactly what I expect from a government program. Who ever came up with paying people to destroy wealth in a recession should be shot anyway.

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