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Church wins! That's bad!

Discussion in 'Culture & Religion' started by SusanConstant, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. SusanConstant

    SusanConstant Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2008
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    Church won over your actual vote by a landslide as it got more hits in less time and was only up once. Your vote disguised as a church on Ebay won out over your actual vote. Not one person denied the reality of a belief system versus a law when it was disguised as a church.

    How or why is any person making a case to remove a man never the actual legal President who rallies for a war based upon bad evidence threatening? Your vote is supposed to have this power; I'm chalking it up to a woman/man thing as suddenly all these men who wanted Bush gone do not want him gone if a woman is removing him as: They all feel stupid. I can't help your feelings and you do not need protection from them. I now have evidence rising to proof: I told the Supreme Court an invisible violation of separation of power occurred as it is a decidedly Judeo-Christian belief system that is being supported even when it violates the law. Man as better than woman is Judeo-Christian.

    One of the reasons the Roman Catholic Church was so successful? They do not vote on religion. They vote for leaders not for religious tenets and not for doctrine. The people change but the religion does not; that's why the Vatican Council was so shocking. Every thousand years or so they change something. If it's the law of God why change it? You wouldn't which is why the church threw out most of what Jesus actually said and hid the Gnostic Gopsels in order to then be able to change the law with convoluted reasoning based upon what is factual not fact. The church placated a Roman emperor and a patriarchic society.

    In the US the people changed the law in spirit as it first changed inside you and then on a national scale. It is exactly what the church did and the Greeks did as leaders got you to believe what is not fact. The law exists; it is exactly worded. It is not lived out - at all. We're all supposed to be the living embodiment of the law but we are not. Today, it is all smoke and mirrors as it seems as if. Everybody is breaking the rules and the law with little or no consequence. You are buying into the lies the worst one being: You are powerless to stop unjust men from doing what they are doing. Okay: Do you feel powerful? Does it feel as if the nation is just? No, and that is how you know you have a problem and a huge one. The court now has the same feeling you do:

    Your vote actually has no legal power as the court has now gone against Marbury, so why aren't you shooting? Precedent known as Lexington and Concord has been set. Our founders said: Storm Congress; shoot if you have to; disobey the law and protest in any way you can think of; whatever you do - act. DC just lifted its ban on guns; don't tell me that's not our clue. There's a reason, an actual reason, for everything.

    If none of you ever felt actual liberty as an emotion then how would you recognize it? What about liberty denied? You never knew liberty and so you did not then know liberty denied. I did as my compass is true...you have to re-wire ego and id. Outside things have been connected to id due to patriarchy. All your ideas about yourself and the world are based upon what others will think. Reality is changed and/or denied. That's why most people never own knowledge...they know something as fact and yet are afraid to publish it or say it. They are afraid of: The reaction.

    Ask yourself: did Ben Franklin act like a guy who cared about what anybody else would think of him or what he was doing? The whole point of this nation is: Self-determination, not everyone else determines you. You are not subject to the history others live out as you are history. You reason it; you decide then act. No authority is over you; Congress or a church cannot tell you better or know you better than you; that's why you vote. You should vote for yourself. There's a thousand constitutional issues afoot. I only named 25. Any one of you can make a federal case and enter the US Supreme Court as pro se and authority. You are the constitutional expert in the constitution known as you.

    Whenever actual reality is denied by society as a whole it is proof that corruption has gone past completion; it is critical mass. There no more room to break anymore law and no more room for any new or other corruption of the law based upon patriarchy as death is now required unjustly and w/o reason. You're dissolving from the inside out. All anyone has to do is rattle the chain; you'll get a reaction. Practice getting bad reactions until you do not care anymore. That's how you get inside the Supreme Court and so re-wire id; you decide you will lose and you do not care as you are the authority and so in any criminal court of law you'll win as you'll have a jury of your peers not eight guys, half of whom are Roman Catholic, who do not butter their own bread...please, do me a favor - arrest me, is your decision. None of you need a lawyer as you are all lawyers by birth if you're American as ignorance is not an excuse. The Declaration & Constitution are your degrees.

    You reason your own case before you ever set foot in a court. You win or lose outside of court not inside. The minute I was heard upon original jurisdiction I won as that would not happen if I lost as my claim was: you added incorrectly and I ordered Roberts to stand aside by hearing me. He did. You can make a claim - any federal challenge - and add that - the math of Bush V Gore - in order to get in upon original jurisidiction. Anything that is unjust in your life can be addressed; if enough of you petition them they'll get the hint, won't they? Bad math is forever bad math. Steal my intellectual property.

    It's a five or six page form; it is not as difficult as you think as: appearance of the paper document is not to be adjudicated. You may write in red crayon if that is all you have. I broke every rule and I was still heard as some rules I could not conform to as it was impossible. You know what issue I purposely did not tackle but could? Pornography as nothing in our law says that the ultra violent pornography you see is legal. Justice Potter said he'd know it when he saw it meaning felt it...any person could argue pornography as it has now changed; you could use the math of Bush V Gore to avoid all lower courts. All you have to do is connect it to your life.

    Church should not be beating your vote, your actual vote! Church should not be beating you!

    Alexander Hamilton taught me never, ever to say I'm a lawyer or anything else. He told me that he wanted people to treat him the way they would treat him if they thought they were dealing with another person not THE Alexander Hamilton or not A LAWYER. He said he never qualified himself. I tried it. So I have proof. Now I know why:

    If I told anybody who I really was they'd fall over. The actual power is my own no matter what you think my name is or is not.
  2. foggedinn

    foggedinn Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2008
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    Your obviouly upset. I don't really know what about the church has upset you, but, I hope you won't be offended if I pray for you.

    You aren't the only one on the board who has had their fifteen minutes of fame.

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