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Congressional Authority over Insurance Co's ??

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by TruthAboveAll, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. TruthAboveAll

    TruthAboveAll Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2007
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    Further North than I'd like
    In the news today, Congressmen Waxman and Stupak have sent letters to 52 insurance companies for information such as: employee compensation, premium income, expenses of events held off-facility, etc. The article linked above is that which appeared in the Washington Post. Of course, the AP was able to obtain a copy of the letter, and have included their chosen synopsis. I'll be watching for it to surface.

    This is crap! If the insurance companies provide the information, they will be portrayed as cooperating before congressional dems proceed to take off their collective heads. If they do NOT comply, they will be accused avoiding, hiding, sneaking, or worse.

    I see this as a move by an increasingly desperate, power-grabbing government to once again shift the focus of debate and/or pigeon-hole the components into an untenable position.

    PBO has accused the right of looking for a bogeyman. Since changing the specified focus of this reform power grab from Health Care Reform to Health Insurance Reform, it was inevitable that the insurance companies (except those, like Kaiser Permanente who are his co-horts) would be tarred and feathered.

    Under what authority does Congress have any right to demand this information? Why don't they just put on their 21st century, liberal version of white hoods and light up the torches? Talk about a mob...
  2. Pandora

    Pandora Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2008
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    The people's republic of Eugene
    You ask ...

    Under what authority does Congress have any right to demand this information?

    By the same athority that obama fired the head of GM then took it over, his own.

    obama will do what ever he wants and his followers will go along with it blinded and drooling over his every word. Thankfully some who were just "star struck" are waking up. But it wont be long before they like those who never were star struck will be labled as racists and unamerican.

    Then there is that other group who are angry with him because he has not "openly" gone full blown Marxist... I think they stopped drooling a few weeks ago.

    This move is so stupid and really its scary. I hope none of them back down. I hope not one single insurance company even replies except with raising a middle finger.

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