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Double The Spending - Double the Dumb!

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by GBFan, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. GBFan

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    Oct 30, 2013
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    The amount of money that the American taxpayers have been forced to spend on public schools has more than doubled in the last few years — even though such spending has had no demonstrable impact on students’[​IMG] intelligence levels, a bombshell new study found.

    On average, student academic performance actually declined slightly over the last 40 years — an astonishing fact, given the huge amount of money spent on public education[​IMG] and the general boost that technological improvements have provided to virtually every other sector of U.S. life.

    The sobering truth comes courtesy of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational[​IMG] Freedom. Andrew Coulson, director of the center, examined trends in education spending and standardized test scores between 1972 and 2012. In many states, inflation-adjusted education spending rose by 50 percent, 100 percent and even 200 percent. Test scores, however, were hardly affected — and even fell in many states.

    Virginia, for example, spent 120 percent more on public education in 2009 than it did in 1972. But its students’ average test scores — when adjusted for demographic changes — fell by about three percent.

    Coulson called the lack of progress for U.S. students, “remarkably unusual.”

    “In virtually every other field, productivity has risen over this period thanks to the adoption of countless technological advances — advances that, in many cases, would seem ideally suited to facilitating learning[​IMG],” wrote Coulson in the study. “And yet, surrounded by this torrent of progress, education has remained anchored to the riverbed, watching the rest of the world rush past it.”
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    Dec 24, 2009
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    Much of the increase here in Va went into special ed which cannot budge test scores. Its hard to look at this state wide as the trouble spots are just that... spots. Narrow the analysis and you will find, for example, city if Richmond has seen large increases $wise and declining scores some small increases very recently. Special ed is very head count intensive and difficult to quantify the benefit of. But its the law so it gets done. The closer you look, the more you understand why sone kids learn and others dont. Raising teacher wages doesnt matter much, increasing numbers doesnt either but these two are the party line for the unions. The problem with unions is that their only focus is them while it needs to be the kids.

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