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Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Sandra Price, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Sandra Price

    Sandra Price Active Member

    Oct 19, 2008
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    Is it an Inauguration or a Coronation?

    In a Republic we have elections based on our U.S. Constitution (well that is how it started out) and now we seem to be seating a Monarch to guide us for the next 4 to 8 years. It appears as if we Americans have also accepted deeper corruption every 4 to 8 years. Is there a connection, morally and legally?

    Is this the result of the American voters demanding social issues be included in the platform of every new President of the United States? What frightens me at this time is how much American politics and culture resembles the Vatican. Is the inauguration of a new President on the same level as having a new Pope become the holy father of Catholics?

    This history of Monarchs is filled with double standards, extreme poverty, land grabs and freedoms for the people decided by the Monarch and his/her appointed cabinet. Part of the deal after a new President is elected is to show off the palace where he/she will reside. Millions of dollars of tax payer money is spent every Christmas showing off the number of Christmas Trees in every room of the palace; even during an economic meltdown. A new theme is decided by the decider and new decorations replace the old all over the White House. I don’t think the Americans who pick up the cost, do this every year.

    With the number of job losses in 2008 alone, that ostentatious display of lights and glass could feed every family who lost their income during the time of the decorating of the palace.

    This is not what the American Founders had in mind for our President. Of course the Founders had no idea how uneducated the voters would turn out in their desire to elect a Christian Monarch. It has become an obsession beyond all rationality. Many political writers and news people used the term “Messiah” for President Elect Barack Obama. These same news readers are now arguing on what kind of dog the President Elect will choose for his children. Do his children really need to attend private school?

    Are we, the American voters, depending on the new President to fix the economy? Do we expect him to cover our bad investments and our greed to buy what we cannot ever pay back? Oh yes, a new America is waiting to ask the federal government to tell us what we must do and also what we must not do in every facet of our individual lives.

    I wish I could ask every American voter why they cannot understand that the Constitution was written to protect all Americans from the government. Instead the voters choose the candidate who will mandate more controls over all of us. The religious right Republicans are horrified that gays and lesbians even want to marry or become members of the Armed Services to protect America. This morning on MSNBC Pat Buchanan told the viewers that homosexuality may be the final assault on our moral values. This is the core of Christian/Catholic teaching that America has been fighting from day one. After a brutal war among the states, the African Americans were unchained from slavery and given a chance of freedom. This action only increased the racism in the south that exists to this day.

    Women were finally given the vote after years of humiliation and insults from the brave American men. There is still a double standard exaggerated by the U.S. Supreme Court with their Roe versus Wade action on abortions. Now we have an extension of this double standard and the Republican Conservative arm of the Party wants a ban on same sex marriages.

    This religious movement exists only to breed more Christians. Apparently that has been the entire reason America was founded. I hear this daily on the internet. I also discovered that in the fifteen years I have been connected to the internet that it has become a tool to mandate laws from the Federal Government to protect the image that America is a Christian nation. If this is the end game; we must advise all immigrants of this change in our laws of definition of American values.

    It still does not explain why our Constitutional Republic is starting to act like a tyrannical monarchy. Is it possible we can no longer desire freedoms and will insist on a nation for white Christian straight men only…..no others need apply. In the last 40 years, America has fallen through and avoided the terms “Freedom and Liberty” for the safety of having the government tell us what we must not do.
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  2. Pandora

    Pandora Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2008
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    The people's republic of Eugene
    good post, it was depressing to read but only because it seems accurate.

    I hope you post more often.

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