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Elections and political parties are the vehicle of dictators!

Discussion in 'Elections & Political Parties' started by junglelaw, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. junglelaw

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    Sep 29, 2011
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    Elections and political parties and representative systems are but the vehicle of the politicians to become professional dictators and tyrants. No other measncan so easily provide the megalomaniac dictator to come to pwoer, and to dectate his or her will on the people. this is known as democracy because the people come to vote at the polls and they choose their tyrant the one man ruler through universal suffrage. no other means are so distorted and so destructive to the will of the people than elections and political parties. thsoe who have complexes, infriority or superiority, they take such a vehicle to attain power and control, dominance and tyrnanny. They are sick in the mind politicians who know nothing but their narcisist self-interest.
    Look at them all!! Observe how they act and react, all for power, all megalomaniacs out to rule your life and the lives of the millions. So, they use you, they know esactly how to esploit you, in order to decide for you your life and your future and your destiny. it is when you give ut your right and your responsibility to vote for someone locally or nationally that you forsake your rights and resoponsibilites to decide with all others your affairs and your future and let someone else do it for you.
    Why are referendums for?? Why should one person, ignorant as he really is, decide for you? Democracy is not the rule of one person! Democracy is not the dictates one person, nor one class, nor one strata nor one party or several parties. but it is the people's decision and the people's will executed directly be referendums. This is direct democracy and the only democracy where you do not forfeit your right to decide to an idiot who brings only ctastrophes on you and sends you to your death all over the world, in the name of patriotism and false honor!!
    Beware of such charlatans, called politicians, presidents and senators!!
    Beware of political parties!!
    You are the people and you ought to share with all others, on equal footing, the decision for your own country and decide your destiny by yourself!

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