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Fourth Quarter Strategy

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Greco, Oct 10, 2008.

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    Oct 9, 2008
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    There is little doubt now about the outcome of the presidential race. Barack Obama is maintaining a significant lead in all the national polls, and in the Electoral College polls it’s a commanding lead too large to even realistically consider making up.

    So we’re in the final days of the campaigns and what are the candidates doing? Obama is making appearances, discussing the issues, and offering detailed plans to address the multiple levels of massive problems created by the Republicans. McCain is launching his fear and smear theme. No discussion of the issues from McCain, it’s just down and dirty tactics to help you arrive at the conclusion you’d just be too scared to vote for a black man, so you’ll pick him.

    His ammo pouch is almost empty. In his gutter approach he’s forced to re-cycle previous smears that have already been challenged as false, misleading and distortions. Today they’re focused on William Ayers. Big bag of nothing on that issue. Apparently at a time when Obama was an eight year old child living in Hawaii, Ayers was part of some radical 60’s group. He was NEVER convicted of any crime, but other members of his group were. Ayers is now a college professor. At some time in the past, Obama served on the board of a Chicago charity with Ayers and a large group of others. Ayers also hosted a small fund raiser in his home when Obama first ran for the Illinois Senate.

    That’s it. That’s all there is. McCain thinks that should be more important than talking about fixing the financial crisis he helped to create. McCain thinks that should be more important to you than the housing crisis he helped to create. McCain thinks that should be more important to you than all the other colossal problems our nation is facing.

    Frankly, that’s not the truth. McCain doesn’t really think that at all. He knows better. But he has a problem. He doesn’t have answers to these problems. He doesn’t want the issues to be discussed since his own role in creating them would be part of the discussion. He doesn’t want to have to answer for his record of voting for the Bush policies 90% of the time that caused the problems. He doesn’t want to have to answer questions about his policy of reviving the privatization of Social Security, cutting Medicare benefits, tax cuts for millionaires, all the Washington lobbyists controlling his campaign, etc.

    So this petty little man that wouldn’t even shake his opponents hand at the end of the last presidential debate, has forfeited whatever remaining dignity he once had, and jumped right in the gutter, which he promised he’d never do. That’s the kind of president he would have been. Fortunately, he’s being rejected by the voters who want real leadership, real solutions, and a real change. But it will get worse before it ends. McCain will demean himself some more in his final and desperate attempts to reverse the polls. He’ll fail, and that’s how he’ll be remembered.

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