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Hollywood D.C.

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Octoldit, Oct 4, 2008.

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    Apr 16, 2008
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    A large part of understanding politics is having insight into how politicians function as actors. Many playing starring in roles designed the convince Americans that it's our interest that they labor in Government. In far too many cases nothing can be further from the truth.

    Conflicts of interest are serious breaches to the rule of law, and a house divided will not stand for long. It's frankly Unconstitutional to use taxpayer money to bail-out wall street. Ever more sobering is to consider where this money actually comes from.

    Are the banks owned by the Government or the Federal Reserve?

    How then does a Government that is in Debt to Communist China and many other nations bail-out anyone...it just does not make any sense!

    Not even mentioned is the enormous debt owed to the very international bankers asking for a free bail out. Is this really about the government going bankrupt and taking the fall instead of the banks? the Fabian tactic of getting the government to co-sign for debt yields the same results of a military takeover. An economic coup is no doubt the underlying agenda here.

    Remember it's only theater watching the senators speak about working in America's best interest. Watch exactly what they do...not what they say is the main focus. To some the Senators and Congressman put on a convincing show, however just watch and see if they still approve a slightly modified bail-out plan. The reality is one nickel of taxpayer money should not be used to bail-out those who have piled enormous debt and inflation on this nation. Credit is the main culprit in the vast pyramid scheme we call our economy. The system is designed for only those at the top of the pyramid, let's just face it. Democracy is theater.

    They will say clever statements such as "the last time they were rushed into a purchase was on a used car lot", these statements only divert ones attention away from the fact that when the acting is over and the curtain goes down they side with the bankers... The Federal Reserve system would not be in place if this were not the case.

    President Lincoln and all the Founding Fathers warned us of the bankers/fed are the greatest internal threat to this nation. No emmy's or Oscar's will be given for the performances of those politcians who have succumb to a agenda based on supporting the economic slave master. Those who financed the Bolshevik revolution along with Stalin, Lenin, Trosky, and 9-11 are making major moves to take-over the American Government.

    The IMF is now becoming more vocal now that the government has been mortgaged away.
    I really hope I'm wrong , however we have just witnessed the forfeiture of our Government.

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