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I'm sorta-kinda-maybe for Willard Meat (white) Obamney, for something:

Discussion in 'Political Humor' started by bobgnote, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. bobgnote

    bobgnote Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2012
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    I'm sort of for Meat. After all, he is a Young U. valedictorian.

    Don't grades in school count for anything?

    Doesn't originality count? Meat passed white Obamneycare! Meat was connected, to the original plan! I guess he doesn't shove it, quite as hard as black Obamney does.

    Black Obamneycare got shoved, right past everybody, after hospital costs became more distorted, than real estate, and real estate was severely distorted, by immigration and profiteering, including by foreign investors. Hey, OK, black Obamney. We have to create funding, for distortion AND for insurance company middlemen. What an idea.

    White Obamney has ratsos, named King, Bain, Sheldon, Dick, Egil, Einar, Brownie, Joe, etc.

    White Obamney is stonewalling Bain, Bullygate, and Mormonism. Nixon's still the one!

    Black Obamney is stonewalling Congress and the Manning defense, and he has his cult eating out of his hand, since his cult doesn't care, how he just copies failed Democrats and whatever Republicans.

    SO, I'm leaning, toward Willard, you know. Of course, Willard is part weaz, so he won't show us his tax returns. He showed 23 years of tax returns, to John McCain, and McCain chose foxy Sarah Palin, to be his Veep nominee. I haven't stopped laughing at them, yet.

    McCain is suspected of wet-starting his Skyhawk, to start the 1967 fire, aboard the USS Forrestal. Any evidence is inconclusive, but hey! McCain was a screwup, who got transferred, to the USS Oriskany, the night of the deadly fire.

    Bruce Willis obviously based his popular character, controversial but heroic NYPD Officer John McClane, on John McCain. MAYBE McCain didn't crash all those aircraft and start a deadly fire!

    Maybe McCain saw Willard Meat (white) Obamney's tax returns AND his awesome report cards, and he chose ditzy Sarah, since McCain finished at the bottom, of his Annapolis class, and McCain likes leg. Sarah got leg, boo! But she doesn't have any encumbrances, like too much money, questionable funding, from Noriega-connected persons, to start Bain Capital, or crazy-funky-ratty flip-flops, which McCain may have found inappropriate, for the 2008 Republican Presidential ticket.

    We have better evidence, than that claiming McCain was absolutely incompetent at being a Naval airman, in favor of how GW quashed CIA and FBI cooperation, in August 2001, while he also suppressed all sorts of intel, from Russia, the Mossad, etc., how an air attack was coming, in September 2001. Hey, Condi testified (see YouTube) how GW wanted to invade Afghanistan, BEFORE 9/11/2001.

    So THEN, GW and Cheney ignored the CIA assessment, how Saddam had no WMDs or yellowcake, they enlisted a lying Iraqi, per Op.Curveball, and they lied to Congress and to the American people, to start TWO wars, one in Iraq, the other in Afghanistan.

    I wonder what is pissing off all those insurgents? The US sent in Blackwater and Halliburton and the gods only know who else, to Iraq, and these corporate clowns included BP, which got a lot of sweetheart deals, when the US coerced privatization, of previously nationalized Iraqi oil.

    I wonder why GW disbanded the Iraqi Army? Did he enjoy all the oppression, unleashed against whistleblowers and Iraqis? Did he enjoy Fallujah, which got all shot up, with depleted uranium?

    GW sure did ignore how his daddy was boss of the CIA, who got a center named after him, but GW and his daddy knew Saddam, UBL, and the Shah were assets, 2/3 turned! What was GW thinking?

    FALSE FLAG PROFITEEERING, eh? Don't let anybody who says "nukuler" have that, ever. So GW could get arrested, if he strays to far, from Crawford. I don't see black Obamney learning, from that.

    But can Willard Meat (white) Obamney flip, flop, and fly his way, into the White House, to be a big success, without some sort of VALUE coming to light? I don't see any VALUE, down the road.

    But even so, I have to be kinda for Meat, given black Obamney and his cult, which are atrocious.

    Let's see. Get this started. OK.

    There's other states, besides swing states, black Obamney and DDD-rats! So there!
    If Meat hadn't bashed those kids in prep school, flip-flopping black Obamney wouldn't have let himself get outed, for same-sex marriage. Back at you!

    If Willard Meat hadn't put his dog, on the roof of his car, for a long ride, black Obamney wouldn't have admitted, to eating dog-meat, in Indonesia. Arf, arf!
    If Muslims didn't have a lot of media in the Qu'ran, for personal conduct, and if a lot of Muslim cultures didn't have hareems or multiple wives, Joe Smith wouldn't have thought up his scam, to get a cult going, so he could have a chance, at a lot of vaginas, so it'll take a Mormon President, from a school with tikhilit color (light blue), to continue the frantic US crusades, for Israel, all the way, to WWIII. Screw 'em, blue 'em, tatoo 'em. Keep on tithing, for Jesus, and let's get us some more chattel wombs.
    White meat is my favorite, in turkey sandwiches. Put that dark meat in casseroles, thanks.

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