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In case you wondered WHY Obama smeared the Cambridge police so quickly

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Little-Acorn, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Little-Acorn

    Little-Acorn Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2009
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    San Diego, CA
    17 tickets in three years, mostly for the same offense committed again and again.

    Sure learned his lesson, didn't he? (Not!)

    And this is who we elected to make sure the laws are faithfully enforced. :eek:

    It explains a lot.



    'Scofflaw' Obama has history with 'stupid' Cambridge police
    Condemns action of officer at department that ticketed prez 17 times while a student

    Posted: July 24, 2009
    2:00 pm Eastern

    President Obama, who targeted the Cambridge, Mass., police department with his comment that one of its officers acted "stupidly" in the arrest of a black man, has a history with the department dating from his college years to as recently as the launch of his presidential campaign.


    According to the Somerville Times in 2007, as a Harvard Law School student, Obama got 17 parking tickets during 1989-1991 from the Cambridge Police Department that he left unpaid until just weeks before he announced his bid for the presidency.

    "In other words, as a practicing lawyer in Chicago, he allowed these tickets and penalties to remain unpaid; as an Illinois state senator he allowed these tickets and fines to remain unpaid; and as a United States senator he allowed these almost-two-decade-old signs of his disdain for the law to remain unpaid," commented John LeBoutillier on Newsmax.com.

    The Washington Post said two years ago that the tickets included parking without a proper permit and parking in a bus stop.

    The Associated Press reported in 2007 that Obama's "healthy stack" of parking tickets was finally paid, including late fees, "two weeks before he officially launched his presidential campaign."

    (Full text of the article can be read at the above URL)
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  2. Cassidy

    Cassidy Member

    Jul 16, 2009
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    I wonder why that never came out during the election?
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  3. Mr. Shaman

    Mr. Shaman Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2007
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    Because, literate-people have no use for World Nutz Daily.

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  4. TruthAboveAll

    TruthAboveAll Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2007
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    Further North than I'd like
    A valid question, but unfortunately one that will not receive a legitimate, sensible answer.

    It's probably for the best. If it had, the term "swift-boating" and "racially motivated" would have flown thick and fast. And since all of his records (normally demanded by the media) have been kept hidden, it is possible that this may have never surfaced if this situation weren't playing out as it is.

    What was PBO's phrase? Oh yes - "could have calibrated" his words better, in his attempt at sleight of hand. In truth, it's possible that his entrance into the center of this situation may have been another "mis-calibration." Or perhaps it's just a situation that will have some of those unintended consequences, for him this time.

    Beer or no beer, Sgt. Crowley, stand your ground!

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