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Judicial review is a myth!

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by SusanConstant, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. SusanConstant

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    Aug 1, 2008
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    Is my lawsuit against Obama and John Roberts and YOU as I directly entered SCOTUS on 11/20/08 but then the paperwork was never filed in order to hide it from the public or so I assume as I have no evidence a Justice ever read it or any of my work for that matter but do have lots of proof the clerks sank it as they told me they would. I heard the clerks talking. Anyways it then dawned upon me:

    Not one person has ever understood my point of law not even the clerks! Marbury sued for legal power; I sued for moral authority to then secure legal power. The only real, actual power in the US? Moral authority which is will as you're willing to obey the law and the spirit of the law or you're not. Marbury sued the Pesident by suing Madison; I then had to sue the Commander by suing the Chief Justice as those two offices are of moral authority; moral authority is a part of the design. CONGRESS? ZERO MORAL AUTHORITY as it is as it does and moral authority is not a part of the design. 28 USC 1331 is unconstitutional as it is an encroachment upon the judiciary by the legislative.

    Your vote is legal power & moral authority. Half & half. This lawsuit always had to be a mother suing as only the lone citizen, mothers, soldiers, SCOTUS, Chief Justice and the Commander have moral authority. A President does not. Why? Easy: A President signs off on legislation or money thus money goes throguh his hands. It does not with mothers or soldiers as we do not pay our volunteers to die. This is why a Justice cannot retire and earn millions like a President may as NO MONEY ever trades hands with a Justice. In fact only one time have they ever addressed a monetary award as it was excessive and extremely so. Besides assuming they have moral authority and expert knowledge of the law others do not it is that a Justice may never trade human life upon money as that is what trading justice is: Selling human lives.

    I put my suit up on Scribd. It is my brief which I will be mailing to the federal appellate in a few days. If you want to know how US law actually works you should read it. The SCOTUS clerks did not know!!! The legal gold starts on page 59 under Summary of argument. It is titled "Judicial Review Is the Myth of Fingerprints" and "Constitutional Authority Vested In The Lone Person,or, Like It Or Not Marbury Is The Law". If you know how to word some more remedy and relief or if you can think of something else let me know. I'd like to get an injunction against both parties for the next four or five elections - the same number they f*cked.

    People, Bush's lawyers are not stupid only criminal: The winner of a SCOTUS case regarding an election? He or she can call out the national guard to enforce it. You have been turned into a military dictatorship. WAR or DEATH is on the horizon. The event horizon?

    THE VOTE AS WE WERE FOUNDED BECAUSE OF THE VOTE! Congratulations you have unfounded yourselves. Read my shot at Congress under "Conclusion" in the first paragraphs...of course you do not have the votes to impeach. 1, You never needed to impeach due to my suit and 2, you voted to give away your vote thus now you're under the authority of Kenya or Indonesia. I told John Conyers in a letter: You've been involved with more impeachments than anyone? You're the constant then; impeachment isn't flawed - you are! You cannot impeach a never legal President only remove him from office!

    Skip my facts; they are boring. Plus I lived up to a fedeal judges lie: He said my complaint was 173 pages long to make you think I was crazy so then I actually wrote 174 pages. He counted my attachments or proof but did not admit this. All one citizen had to do was repeat that lie "Susan is crazy" and then I had proof the people are being conditioned and that is idealogical warfare and communism. As soon as I had proof I ran. INTO FEDERAL COURT NOT AWAY FROM IT!

    It's labled: Susan V Obama Federal Appeals Lawsuit on Scribd.

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