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Legend and secret of Kalashnikov AK-47, spy nation and ... Sarah Palin

Discussion in 'Historical Events & Figures' started by Paul Lasaro, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Paul Lasaro

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    May 20, 2009
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    Already for years Kalashnikov AK-47 has become a symbol for Russian weapon industry. Weapon professionals still time by time point out that the original Kalashnikov is a German invention that Russians simply copied it. It usually causes furious protests from Russian side and most often the discussion is carried on only among the professionals. However, one Russian person has decided to declare publicly that Kalashnikov isn’t a Russian weapon.

    The famous biographer of the leader of the USSR – Brezhnev - Boris Sokolov in his book „Brezhnev. Golden century” comes out openly that famous Kalashnikov is a copy of assault rifle StG 44 invented by German weapons designer Hugo Schmeisser in 1943. There are only three differences – in a form of stock, in a mechanism of lock and in calibre. Germans turned it out experimentally already in 1943 but up to 1944 more than 400 000 were made. Stalin ordered to copy this successful weapon. None of famous Soviet designers – Shpagin nor Degatjarov wanted to put their names on the plagiarism and thus, a new Russian constructor Mikhail Kalashnikov was chosen for it.

    Surely, this confession in the history won’t change anything and it is nothing unique.

    Also Americans didn’t want to accept for a long time and so far they haven’t talked much about the fact that one of the most influential American astronautics and rocket technology „fathers” was a German scientist Dr. Wernher von Braun who worked in Germany during the war.

    Nevertheless, one of the most concealed myths is connected with the most powerful spy nation in the world. The British with their James Bond suppose that they are the most elegant. But the most influential were others. Even Dan Brown couldn’t take a notice of their secret. There is a small nation that at the beginning of the 20th century developed two the most powerful spy organizations in the world that still are working. They shot at Winston Churchill, they were closely connected with communist leaders Lenin and Stalin, caused big trouble for Spanish dictator Franco, made Hitler be careful, they actually were the last ones who left Hitler’s bunker at the end of the II World War. Later they were seen in a prison cell of U2 pilot, in the last overturn of the USSR in 1991 and in many other places. It’s quite a surprise that one of them was also among the inspires of Sarah Palin. Although it is clear enough that he hasn’t got anything in common with his compatriots – spies. But who are they? It is still a secret.

    Have a nice Day and be careful,
    Paul Lasaro (www.paullasaro.com)

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