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Let love abound all over the world

Discussion in 'House of Politics Lounge' started by chenshow, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. chenshow

    chenshow Guest

    There is the most suffering affair in the whole life of people.People is alive when the money is gone.The economic crisis is a hard experience to people in the world. If we don't solve that in right way, then it will be sustain 5 to 10 years long time.People cannot support this. Even though it only is 2 months more, but there are many people kill themselves and many people were retired by company.

    President Obama directed said, "I love Canda." when he visited Canada. It is our language we spreaded that before Obama became formal president in the campaign.We always mention that we are family, we love you, we love you-all to Steve a member of Obama team. Dad, mother, and grandmother of Obama have died. Now Obama need love other persons or were loved by people. Teach by example and teach by word of mouth is good medicine of save world currently.

    People only is a part of hundred and thousand kinds of species in the earth. If people want to dominate land by violence, then that is completely wrong. People had better not indulge their conduct in wrong way or else they will be backfire. There are many conundrum cannot be solved by people in earth. Fortunately, Dr.(knowing, professor, doctor, jinnee, manito, god, Manitou, meteorologist, scientist, Mr., Geographer, chemist, medical scientist, Dr,
    doctor, Financial Economist)YunFeng exist in the world.We can research earth through special methods. It will be better than modern science by 100 times.

    The forementioned prediction is sufficient. If people want to get our prediction, then the team and country must pay for money.We have several laws. This is free for friends. This is free for natural disaster.We prepare to
    establish a charitable fund. Cure disease before happen is our idea. We can assist goverment and help those place before the disaster will be coming. We can save lives and stuff as soon as possible and make losing to the lowest.
    It will be an international charitable fund and exist. We hope people love charity spread those ideas to all of friends you know.We hope people business man contribute money for the charitable fund. After that, you will be our
    friends and get our prediction and advice forever. You will get more profit from that. However, we also will choose people we like. We could not accept money from people without goodness.

    Finally, our goal--let love abound all over the world!!!

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