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Massive Obama media barrage

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Libsmasher, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Libsmasher

    Libsmasher Well-Known Member

    Jan 9, 2008
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    Does that bother anyone? If you watch TV news regularly, think about how much you've seen about Obama compared to McCain. I'm absolutely sure that if McCain made the exact same overseas trip as Obama, most people wouldn't even know that it happened. I would bet that there are many voters who don't even know who the republican candidate is because of the lopsided coverage. Go back ten or twenty years, and the media bias, say of people like Dan Rather, usually had a certain clever subtlety to it. Now, it's just blatant. One thing I keep seeing on the lib media is when they show video clips featuring McCain, and then come back to the reporter or anchor, they sit there for a second with a smirk on their face.
  2. SusanConstant

    SusanConstant Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2008
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    Re: Massive Obama media barrage Part I

    The real, actual reason you are seeing so much coverage on Obama is that americans are desperate to belive that he is an actual change when he is more of the same: A part of the problem. He appears to be a change as he appears to be black. Black is not a change; it might be a change if you are not a Democrat, a Republican, a man, a Jew or a Christian. But black and any one of those things? Not actual change.

    Here's something else: Are you people even aware of what you are about to do by voting for either one of these guys? It is not the media's fault if you break the law by voting for an unjust person instead of law as both of these men are mmebers of he Congress that delcared war based upon bad evidence and then did nothing and even acted to to use money to then exert overly borad power thus they killed innocent people w/o reasoning or just cause. They also belonged to a Congress that taxed us all in direct violation of our law as they appointed two men to the US Supreme Court thus they taxed all women unjustly; they robbed you of any and all legal power by stacking the court with two males one of whom is not able to reason constituional law.

    As neither of these men is going to magicaly turn into a woman or go back in time and create and present good evidence for war as it never existed, and as they cannot go back in time and unpass the Pariot Act twice as no actual, true emergency existed, they cannot possibly overcome their conflicts of interest and act as President let alone Commander.

    It is unconstituional for either of them to be elected to this office. It is unconstitutional to elect any person you know as fact cannot humaly do this job as evidenced by their words, actions or inactions. Proof of life is all around you. Can you name one stipulation of our law that has not been violated? Isn't money buying the offices of power in this nation? How many injured and dead persons do you need? You are voting for death, absolute and whole, by voting for any of these people. You know what you are supposed to do according to the law and Marbury? Write a name in the blank who has no conflict of interests and who can do the job. Find a person who does not belong to any political party, never once used money to trade upon life or the law and who can and will reason and apply the law equally and justly for all Americans. That's why we have a write in blank: so we can all take actual power right back and let these guys wallow in all the perceived power they want.

    The rules regarding elections are rules, not law.

    I am a woman with a plan as I can do some amazing things like end a war in Iraq, defeat the standing Chinese army of one million all by myself w/o ever firing a shot (it's about math and physics) and reason our law as elgant, as a matter of equivalent rights not equal rights as men and women are equal as humans but biologicaly distinct so I know the office of President and Commander is the right of mothers and vetrans and a privilege for all the rest and as gay rights do not exist in our law as all rights are based upon your humanity not any act of sex so policy like "Don't ask don't tell" is unconstitutional as it is based upon appearance alone and as gay women are still kept out of a combat position - office of President - only as they are a woman not as they are gay:

    I have one person who is writing my name on the ballot. I only need my own vote but I decided to support that one vote with another as I am going right back into US Supreme Court when you elect one of these guys. You do not have a right to break the law only as you believe you are powerless to do anything else as you are anything but powerless. You do not have to vote for either one of these guys; nobody is forcing you to break the law and the spirit of the law.

    You might not believe you can act as the President and the Commander but I know that I can and i've already demonstrated my ability and capapbility by mounting a direct challenge against Bush v Gore which I won even if you do not know it. The Court left it up to you and as you hate women and as you believe you have no power you deny actual reality. By tying Bush v Gore the court then allowed for any one of you to step up to the plate and so lay claim to this office and the legal power of executive order as your one vote is executive order. I was the only person who manned up. By hearing me but denying me oral arguemnt the court left it up to you once again; you are lying when you say you want Bush out and you want justice or you actually are dead - you are not willing to uphold the law as all any of you had to do was read my case and then act upon the knowledge within it.

    You can live in denial of reality as math is math or you can acknolwedge it. It's too damn bad for you if I remind you of all that you are not and all that you actually are, as the reason you deny the reality of math aka Bush V Gore is that you cannot stand it that a woman did this - that a woman was more courageous and more intelligent than you ever tried to be as she believes as fact w/o question she is a powreful force in this world.

    My true belief? I believe I am the equal of any person on this Earth and I can and will do anything I set my mind to doing as nothing is impossible only because it has not been done yet. If I need to defeat a standing army of one million as oil is not the reason we are in Iraq but China is, than I can indeed find a way to do it. It is possible. You know how you do it? You dissolve the lie of nuclear warfare as that is all it is - a lie. All China (or North Korea) has is the threat of nuclear power; w/o that threat? China is powerless. In my case as I know the truth China never had any actual power over me. I am not afraid; what I am afraid of has yet to be defined as I have always conquered every fear I encountered but it it is definitely not China or nukes as that is all a lie. Tell the truth and Goodbye patriarchy, atheism and communism. And I do not need to fire a single actual shot.

    Wanna lose your fear of China? Of nukes and so stop kotowing to and patronizing unjust, penny ante dictators and despots? Wanna stop supporting commuism with your tax dollars? My gift to you:

    A nuclear chain reaction is a matter of sacred geometry. You must detonate a nuclear bomb at an exact time and place - space - or else no nuclear chain reaction will occur. A nuclear chain reaction is elegant; conditions must be perfect for it to happen. I can use math to caculate these exact times and locations. I can draw up a list of exactly when and where another person or nation would have to strike with a bomb in order for it to 'go nuclear'. Chinese officals would be dumbstruck. They would think I somehow managed to sneak into their version of the CIA or Pentagon and stole secrets as it would seem as if there was no way I could possibly know their plans without seeing them ahead of time. WRONG! As I can do this, we then would be able to proactively prevent a strike, stop a strike in progress or suffer one strike but not two - ever. Global nuclear warfare is not possible then. Annihilation via nuclear warfare is a lie. Ask other physicists.

    You cannot just lob a nuke at any old place and at any old time and then have a nuclear reaction; you can detonate the intial charge - the explosive - but unless you do it at an exact time in an exact place - no nuclear reaction.

    I know: It seems as if you can as we detonated two bombs. Lots of factors were at play, and we did plan this meticulously, but did we sit down and use math to figure out when and where? Nope. We were able to do this accidentally by design. The biggest reason we were able was opportunity met careful, deliberate preparation plus: We acted ethically and this universe is actually just. No other nation was meant to be the 'guardian' of nuclear power as no other nation had the self-control and an ethical law.

    Go read Native American creation story and salvation history: The so-called white race was given responsibility for the power of fire; the Natives call it guardianship. Math was my first clue, patriarchy was my second as all patriarchy is based upon perception - lies, fear and threats against your children - and so is false or not a fact of this universe thus nuclear warfare is a lie told by patriarchy and my third clue was Native American history. After I solved this I then went looking for other people who could confirm this with math and science and I found them all over...The reason you do not know this? Most of these people are unethical; a few are not. You wanted and needed to believe the lie of nuclear warfare as it justifies your personal, unreasoned and unsuported beliefs and your criminal actions. Hello! We went to war based upon bad evidence and several lies one of which was: Iraq can annihilate us with nukes.
  3. SusanConstant

    SusanConstant Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2008
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    Re: Massive Obama media barrage Part II

    Go do all of the research yourself. You're able; you're all intelligent. You only need to fear nuclear weapons as long as your elected officals do. You're a slave to the lie, a willing victim. There is NO reason to spend so much money on nuclear weapons or to keep stockpiling them. They are uselss. Nuclear power itself? As a form of eenrgy? A fantastic thing. Nuclear power as a weapon of mass destruction? Phoney baloney. Garbage. Not fact only factual.

    I'm still pissed at China over Korea and Vietnam and now I'm dealing with Iraq courtesy of China and with communist captialism, an actual weapon of mass destuction as China's rivers are boiling with poison and China's people suffer gross injustice and this is partly (mostly) due to WalMart operating branches of the communist party in its Chinese stores, I am suffering corporate controlled government; I'm suffering communism and the effects of communism inside the USA. WalMart has been made an exception to all the rules and the law of the US. You spend money in Walmart and you fund your own subjugation and death. I ran Walmart out of my hometown with a legal argument I leaked to them as we are a military town. Hell will freeze over before WalMart forces mothers and enlisted service mmebers to die in defense of communism and force them to fund the communist party.

    Oh, you need to worry: Our power is justice; our power is the law. Our power is our honor as we used to obey the law and we used to always make good on our money. China now has over $750 US billion in reserve; if called in we cannot make good on it. You gave all your actual power away to corporations and China as our money has no standard except: You, your work turned into another form of energy. You, obeying the law and following thorugh on your promises. You acting ethically and ensuring the inalienable rights of all people even citizens not our own as we let them in our Supreme Court, once the only actual human rights court on the planet. Terrorists and terror suspects were given rights and privileges I and all women were not as they got in and were gramnted oral argument. Hel, they would not even be in this country if not for the nuclear lie. THANK YOU FOR THAT ONE CHINA!

    And: Thank you voters! Here's a fact you might want to consider; here is a true belief you might want to try on for size: Voting for the same thing over and over again but expecting different results each time is the definition of insanity. It is fantasy and abject delusion. So, when did you all go insane on me as you're born with insanity; you just do not get it along the way.

    Can I hope you might wake up from the illusion? Are you willing to admit that you placed a man in office and obeyed him for 8 long years whne he was not ever the legally eletected President and not once embodied the law and another American - a woman - was and did? Are you willing to admit as you no longer read federal court cases and as you think the trappings of the office and the adulation make you the President that you went to war and murdered other innocent human beings over nothing but a desk, a chair, a blue carpet and an actual white house, all of which are the institutions of government? Are you willing to admit you have been wiping your feet on the Declaration and Constitution for about five decades now?

    Break the law for fifty years by making yourself and others the exception and death is what you get. Painful, painful slow death then actual physical death. That's how China rules in direct violation of the laws of this physcial universe. It's: Your fault.
  4. BigRob

    BigRob Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2007
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    I was in Europe during the primary season for awhile, and most people I spoke with thought the Presidential race was between Hillary and Obama. When I asked about McCain they did not really know much about him.

    While this may not be the norm, it was my experience.
  5. Sihouette

    Sihouette Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2008
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    I get it. Have a crazy woman pitch to run for president and then it makes reasonable women look bad...you know...like Hillary.

    Good trick "Susan".


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