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Obama takes back lead in Gallup poll

Discussion in 'Elections & Political Parties' started by Popeye, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Popeye

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    Sep 3, 2007
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    Washington state
    For the first time since the Republican convention and after trailing by as much as 5% Obama has taken back the lead in the Gallup tracking poll 47%-45%.

    There were 4 national polls released today, three daily trackers and a Reuters/Zogby poll....3 of the 4 now give Obama the edge nationally. It appears the luster has worn off of Palin and the RNC....bounces fade and Palin has turned out to be a lying divisive figure. Yes, she has energized the Pub base but she has equally energized the Democratic base. From today's Reuters/Zogby Poll

    If this is indeed a trend, it will begin to show up in the individual state polling within about a week.


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