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Obama's Non-stop Naivete

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Little-Acorn, Apr 7, 2009.

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    Jan 23, 2009
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    Short memories and limited recall have always been requirements for acquiescence to liberal ideals. Unfortunately, we can't always count on the rest of the world to go along with the ideals that such willful ignorance makes possible.

    Every few decades it seems we have to go through yet another leftist experiment in trying to getother govbernments to be nice to us, by being nice to them first. Though the result is always the same, the doublethink practiced by the leftists du jour apparently causes them to think that, since this time WE, the good people, are in charge, this time the results will be different.

    The only difference I see here, this time, is that some of the players have:

    1.) Programs to build nuclear weapons and ballistic missile delivery systems, and

    2.) Leaders in charge of those programs, who are certifiably insane, and who answer to no one.

    Hopefully we'll still be here a few decades from now, to see the next attempt to make the world a good and wonderful place.




    by Rich Lowry
    Last updated: 2:00 am
    April 7, 2009

    PRESIDENT Obama added a line at the last minute that wasn't in the prepared text of his nuclear-disarmament speech in Prague: "I'm not naive."

    He needed the disclaimer because, nearly simultaneous with his speech embracing the goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons, Kim Jong Il launched a three-stage rocket over Japan. Coincidence? "I hate to speculate about North Korean motivations," said Gary Samore, the very mannerly White House coordinator for nonproliferation -- as if speculation were necessary.

    North Korea's strategy for two decades has been to engage in spectacular acts of international malfeasance to bully and cajole the world into concessions and aid. In between provocations, Pyongyang has promised several times over to abandon its nuclear program. It has never truly given it up, lest it lose its most prized bargaining chip.

    As soon as the UN Security Council passes another ineffectual resolution regretting the defiance of its last ineffectual resolution, the North knows it can eventually find the Obama administration back at a negotiating table for the charade's next act.

    The meme in the press was how the test launch made Obama's disarmament speech all the more "urgent." It really makes it all the more childish and dangerous. In setting the goal of "Global Zero" (the program of universal disarmament that sounds a little like a new international Coke product), Obama hitched himself to a project as utopian as President George W. Bush's ambition to end tyranny in the world.

    In fact, they're essentially the same goal. The bipartisan congressional Strategic Posture Review concluded in an interim report that to achieve Global Zero would require a "fundamental transformation of the world political order." All significant geopolitical conflicts would have to end, and all untrustworthy governments disappear. The verification regime would have to be so all-encompassing as to constitute a kind of world government.

    (Full text of the article can be read at the above URL)

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