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Petitions to Parliament and other stuff......

Discussion in 'Political Humor' started by The Scotsman, May 2, 2009.

  1. The Scotsman

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    Apr 1, 2008
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    South of the Haggis Munching Line
    The good thing about democracy is that sometimes its fun............


    .........I would so like to see this get over a million votes!!

    Just for the record I think our Prime Minister is a very very nice chap and should be invited over to the US on an extended visa to assist Mr. Obama in trying to assist him in sorting out your economic woes - he has done such a good job in the UK I think he would be an invaluable asset to you all in this time of crisis.........he will also cure all this pigglet flu.........I think he has also a cure for cancer up his sleeve as well..........what a guy!!!!!

    Brown saves the world.........

    Actually, Brown is a complete and utter tosser and needs to be carted off to some lunatic asylum where he can sit quitely in a corner dribbling gently onto his copy of the economist whilst mutter quitely "it woz the right thing tae do!!". Perhaps some kind orderly would take him by the arm and lead him gently him round the back of the ward and shoot him......... ahhhhh dream on old son dream on.

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