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Politicians psychological makeup...

Discussion in 'Other Policies' started by TruthAboveAll, Jul 2, 2009.

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    The above statements are taken from an article appearing on examiner.com, by Jim Kouri. He is Law Enforcement Examiner with the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

    The information doesn't appear to be based on any formal study. That does not necessarily disqualify his observations. And interesting, they are!

    Utilizing information readily available in the DSM, the characteristics of the psychopath is utilized in investigating serial murders. Interesting, he notes in the article that politicians share much of the same characteristics.

    For myself, I would think this could possibly be applied a bit more broadly - but none the less, I think I just might keep some of these things in mind when observing the behavior of politicians...

    examiner.com piece link.

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