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Second winter storm hits mid-Atlantic region, Appalachians

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by steveox, Dec 14, 2013.

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    Way Down South
    Residents along the East Coast and in the Appalachians woke up to snow Tuesday, leading to widespread closures of schools and government offices and a near-disappearance of the traffic that usually strangles the Washington region.

    By mid-morning, the National Weather Service had downgraded its outlook for the storm, calling for snowfall totals of 1 to 3 inches on the Eastern Seaboard. Tuesday's storm followed a stronger-than-expected burst of winter weather on Sunday that left several inches in Philadelphia and northern Delaware and Maryland.

    Snow and ice prompted officials at the Philadelphia International Airport to temporarily ground departing flights and slowed motorists across New Jersey.

    In Washington, snow was falling at daybreak, but traffic problems failed to materialize as many workers stayed home. Non-emergency federal employees were granted an excused absence and others were told to telecommute, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.


    Fox News should now attack Al Gore, The Evoinmentalist and the Elite mainstream media by telling the American people the truth! GLOBAL WARMING DOESNT EXCIST!! We can now prove these Evoinmental laws are not needed. There no need to test people cars on emissions. All Emission testing is designed to do is to rob your wallets. States are fining people who don't comply with the laws. Just like in Florida theres no emission testing required. But you do pay a disposal fee changing the oil,Battery and your tires. The EPA puts these laws in place. And gasoline regulations to put ethanol in the gas to charge more for gasoline. And the EPA doesn't want to build refineries and build pipeline from Canada and Mexico to help lower costs. Its time to boot the Democrats out once an for all and when we get 300 Republicans in the house that's enough to Abolish the EPA they can no longer set the laws of the evoinment. You need 3/4 Majority vote to set evoinmental laws. that means Democrats wont have a voice if they want evoinmental laws. So maybe if people start watching Fox News theyre get the truth the B.S Democrats been telling you for years!

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