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The American people bail out pagage.

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by pocketfullofshells, Jan 15, 2009.

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    Jan 17, 2008
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    land of 10,000 lakes and 2 senators again
    Rich Bankers wanted huge bail outs to help the people...then helped themself instead.

    the Car makers want a bail out...well ok 2 of them mostly, becuse they make crappy cars that get horrible mpg and people dont want them. Sorry but there is a reason Ford is doing alot better then GM and Chrysler, even though they have the same econ and work force issues, they build cars people actuly want more ( though not as much as Toyota and Honda ...f150 withstanding)

    So far not much has been seen for he American public on a large scale, outside the sucking sound of a kids or the younger ones of us, as our tax money goes out the door to pay for the debt we are getting.

    SO what would you do to 1 bail out the public more, and get econ going more?


    A few ideas I would look at..

    Credit card Debt Relief package, and new laws to make the raping card companies. one nice change already put into effect I believe is that no longer can card companies raise there rates on you, effecting your old balance, at will like they use to do. Some of these cards get people in with pre approved cards, 9% interest, no balance transfer fees all that...and then next thing you know due to one month you where a few days late, something in fine print, or maybe they just felt like it, you find yourself with interest rates over 30%, and people cant even keep up with the intersest payments anymore to start paying off the debt. Better regulations to make the interest more fair, and something people can pay off, while at the same time knowing that some profit needs to be made of couse would be one thing I would look at.

    2nd part would be work government, banks, and private companies to help push debt consolidation loans and other things that can help free up some money now for cust with lower payments, and try to lower the amounts of people needing bankrupcy protection.

    Health Care reform. Health care Reform could be a boost to companies and everyone ( outside those companies raking in rewards of the current failed system.) How many companies would love to be rid of the burden of paying health care for all there workers? How many high cost procedures could be prevented with basic preventive care early on? How much money could be saved by cutting bureaucracy, and updating medical records and access? Does it cost money , of course, but I think the long term benefits if we did it right would actually save us money, provided service to more people, and maybe even make it better for people overall as well.

    Tax Rebate Gift card ....so Bush tried to throw money into the econ with a extra check for everyone...nice idea to jump start ...but most I know tried to pay down credit cards with it...no econ jump...So how about a 500/1000 gift credit card type thing. while of course a card can be used to pay off things, people buy nature with that card would me more apt to spend it I think buying things rather then pay off debt.

    Just a few ideas, short on specifics I know, but they are huge issues that it would take forever and would need specialist to realy get into.

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