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The Crimean Tatars are again facing the crossroads

Discussion in 'World Politics' started by Linda111, May 17, 2012.

  1. Linda111

    Linda111 New Member

    May 17, 2012
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    «Considering treacherous actions of the crimean tatars against the Soviet people and in terms of the undesirability of the following residing of the crimean tatars on boundary suburb of the Soviet Union …» is a beginning of the letter of the General commissarof a state security Berija to the head of the Soviet government Stalin with the proposition on deportation of the crimean tatars from Crimea.

    [​IMG]As a result in May, 1944 all crimean tatars of Crimea both those supporting Nazi invaders, and those struggling against them in guerrilla detachments and as soldiers of the Red Army have been deported. About 37 000 families have been deported out to Uzbekistan. The others were settled in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Udmurtia as well as Kostroma, Nizhegorod and other regions. been compelled to search for an asylum in other countries. The present day they reside not only in republics of the ex-USSR, but in Romania, Bulgaria, the USA, Germany and Turkey. The crimean tatars, settled down after deportation in the Central Asia, created the national movement with an aim of returning to Crimea. Many of them were prosecuted by the Soviet law enforcement agencies. In 1989 actions of the Stalin era were condemned by the Supreme council of the USSR. With this moment formal returning of the crimean tatars from deportation has begun. After independence of Ukraine this movement became large-scale. About 260 000 of the crimean tatars returned to the Crimea having the population hardly more than one million. A change of so considerable nature of a demographic component caused social and economic intensity in the Crimea which affected also a political field. The period of mass resettlement of the deported persons coincided with the crisis caused by a collapse of economic system of the ex-USSR and difficulties with formation of economies of the new independent states, arisen on its debris. Also the mechanisms of Bishkek agreement of 1992 actually did not work (and do not work to nowadays). According to the this document the CIS states should provide a pecuniary aid to the crimean tatars moving to a permanent residence to the Crimea. As a result Ukraine also as well as other ex-Soviet republics facing serious financial and economic difficulties, was left with a crimean problem. Such legacy of the ex-USSR could destabilize political&economical situation in the Crimean region and Ukraine as a whole and lead to social explosions and interethnic confrontation after the example of the Kosovo scenario. However from first days of independence the Ukrainian leadership paid a special attention to the crimean problem. At the expense of budgetary funds 417 thousand square metres of the housing space have been constructed and acquired on the secondary market that allowed to provide with habitation more than 34,5 thousand of repatriates (for comparison: at the expense of the financial aid of Turkey and the United Arab Emirates the housing for several hundreds families was bought). To date more than 150 000 of the crimean tatars completely or basically have resolved their housing problems. In Simferopol the Crimean engineering & pedagogical university, where the majority of teachers and students are the crimean tatars, is opened. In other institutions of higher education of the Crimea the significant number of the crimean tatars studies free of charge under the preferential program, initiated by the Ukraine leadership. In the territory of the Crimea newspapers and magazines as well as tatar textbooks are published under the state support. More than 900 representatives of the crimean tatars are elected as deputies of local councils of the Crimea. Within the Supreme council of Crimea the national fraction functions. In the Ukrainian parliament for the crimean tatars 2 places are de facto reserved. For today they are occupied by the chairman of the Majlis (an illegitimate representative body of the crimean tatars) M.Dzhemilev and his assistant - R.Chubarov. From the moment of the Majlis creation in 1991 it is headed by M.Dzhemilev. For today this institute promptly losses the popularity among tatar population. Dzhemilev’s Majlis isn’t seen as the defender of the interests. Accusations of its heads in corruption and absence of real actions on improvement of a life of crimean tatars are multiplied. Not so long ago a group of national public organizations “Generation “Crimea”, “Sebat”, “Vatandash” and “Milly Firka” has addressed with the open letter to jury of the Norwegian Nobel committee with objections against nomination of M.Dzhemilev for the Nobel peace prize. Activists consider: «… all activity of the nominee is aimed at personal enrichment, disorder of national movement of the crimean tatars, maintenance of authoritative system of the personal power as well as of constant tension in relations of the crimean tatars with representatives of other nationalities residing in Crimea». The letter also tells about systemic embezzlement via the crimean officials controlled by Dzhemilev. It is proved, that thus more than 160 million UAH or about 11 million euro have been embezzled. For all that Dzhemilev tries to receive from foreigners new mullions-strong donations for «arrangement of the crimean tatars».
    To accelerate process of reception of sponsor's money, representatives of the national movements try to represent the crimean tatars abroad as the most deprived of civil rights, humiliated social group in Ukraine. However within the Crimean society similar actions of Dzhemilev and his adherents are seen as directed exclusively on protection of interests of a political top. For average crimean tatars there is no other way, except for deep integration into the Ukrainian society on basis equal rights, in its national social and political institutes.
    karagoz_emir is based in Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom, and is a Stringer for Allvoices.
  2. dogtowner

    dogtowner Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 24, 2009
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    Wandering around
    Dude, ever hear of paragraphs ? thanks for the info but a chore to read.
  3. RoccoR

    RoccoR Well-Known Member

    Sep 15, 2010
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    Reynoldsburg, OH
    Linda111, et al,

    I did not realize that there was an active issue here. It's been over a half century.

    There will always be corruption in any program of this magnitude. But other than that, the objective is to allow the Tartars to assimulate.'' Is that not correct?

    Most Respectfully,
  4. ThirdTerm

    ThirdTerm Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2012
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    The Motherland
    Ukraine is especially hospitable towards the Crimean Tatars and 417 thousand square metres of housing space have been allotted to provide more than 34,5 thousand Tatar repatriates with decent accommodation.
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