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Timely News

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Greco, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Trying times economically have seemed to spurn the creative side of some entrepreneurs, as well as established businesses attempting to develop new revenue streams. Four examples illustrate this point.

    The National Association of Funeral Directors is preparing to launch a boutique concept available at funeral homes across the country. The concept will allow potential customers to place advance orders with local participating funeral homes for garments of a specific size. After a funeral service has concluded, the deceased will be disrobed for interment and individuals that are on the waiting list for that specific size will be informed that their garments are now available for pick up. The family of the deceased will be granted the option of accepting a commission, or having that portion applied to the funeral bill. The funeral home boutique will also feature a jewelry and accessory counter which can be shopped during normal business hours.

    The nationwide closing of Circuit City caused one group of investors to form a new corporation which will operate under the retail name, "Flights of Fancy". After completing their initial public stock offering, they've negotiated with malls and shopping centers to take over the former Circuit City building leases at reduced rates. Their retail enterprise will focus on only one product, pet parakeets, but with an unusual twist. When you enter their store, you'll pass through revolving doors and discover the parakeets are not caged, but encouraged to practice free flight. Once you've made a color choice, you'll be issued a specially modified, color matched device resembling a butterfly net and you'll then be free to spend time actually capturing your new pet. The chain will also offer a full line of supporting merchandise, such as cages, food, toys and color matched "I Caught Mine at Flights of Fancy" t-shirts.

    Budget cuts at the Chicago Zoo forced an early retirement for Enrico Garbaz. The former herpetologist, and openly gay man, made the decision to make a career change and launch an online and mail order clothing store featuring custom made trousers made from snake skins. Operating under the name "Sir Pants", from casual wear to a night out on the town, his line features a wide variety of styles and species. As accessories, he's also offering a line of belts, custom suspenders, socks, stylish hats and thong briefs, all made from snake skins. His children's line provides him with a unique niche as the only enterprise offering these products for teens and pre-teens.

    Leo Malloy, a bar owner in Waterloo, Iowa, found an unfilled opportunity and has now opened his new venture. He commented that one of the most successful bar promotions was the former "midget tossing" contests, in which patrons would grasp the harness on the midgets and attempt to win prizes by tossing the midget the furthest distance. The promotion was a great crowd pleaser, but eventually public sensibility saw these contests come to conclusion. That put a considerable number of midgets out of work that had been on the travelling circuit. The bar owner had an epiphany, and located an unused former grade school building in Waterloo and opened a school for the former contest midgets. Mentioning that the midgets were already used to the harness, after completion of a six week program they're re-trained to serve as seeing-eye midgets for visually impaired Americans.

    Recently Forbes Magazine devoted a special section to these new enterprises, and President Obama mentioned them in his speech last week in Lexington, Kentucky.

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