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True price for giving oneself and selling

Discussion in 'Culture & Religion' started by Paul Lasaro, May 21, 2009.

  1. Paul Lasaro

    Paul Lasaro Active Member

    May 20, 2009
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    Could you be able to sell an opportunity to sleep with your beloved person to a complete stranger?
    Think more carefully - perhaps for 1 million USD?
    Then for 10 millions USD?

    No and for the last time - no, because you are not a soutener and your sweetheart is not a prostitute. No matter what the amount of money is, it is basically marketing with price offered for interposition in prostitution. Apart from the sum you become a soutener. It is an old and not very offbeat provocation. Even though it is worth thinking again. Reason is very simple, probably, not seen in our everyday life ...

    A lot of people showing overwise facial expression state in omniscience - everything can be bought, it is just a question of the price.

    It is a nastily cynical saying, which in essence calls you a soutener and your beloved - a prostitute. It is exactly so, because of „everything can be bought". The word „everything" contains not many cases and situations but all. Including the previous mentioned one. The question, in their opinion, is just about the price. Such people depending on your mood should be asked to go and wash their face or asked to be more careful with their statements.

    Surely not everything is so simple in real life. Probably many of you now recall the well-known Hollywood film „Indecent Proposal". There one rich man offers a new family having financial difficulties 1 million dollars for possibility to sleep with a wife acted by Demi Moor. The story tells us how different can be the situations and how merciless are the temptations.

    Those who have seen this film remember that a millionaire offering the indecent proposal was the charming actor Robert Redford. In this „market" of holy values there are proposals you can not refuse. But keep in mind the above mentioned - if you start thinking of the price, you actually accept the idea of being a soutener or a prostitute. The evil hurrying to make a use of your difficulties may seem charming enough.

    So it is worth considering about another seemingly indisputable truth. People say that money does not bring the luck but it calms down. Here we should rather think of what money we are talking about? If it is money received for physical or moral prostitution, betrayal or other dishonesties, there will not be any consolation. Awareness that you have sold something using the situation or cheaply bought something holy will crunch you continuously all your life. No happiness, no peace - such things will stay for ever although you think they disappear in the long run. It is not worth lying to yourselves. Mature adults know that everything comes back in the course of time.

    Selling your beloved for sex is only one striking and provocative example for the fact how things can be sold even if they are not meant for sale. Other examples of it can be mentioned as well. Let's take marketing with the death. The simplest example of it - a tendency of particular traffic policemen to finger. Taking money from a traffic rules offender they allow him to go in the streets and the offender in his impunity mind continues to make a row as it used to do and sooner or later kills somebody. The policeman does not try to think about the possible killer who was released for some 10 or 100 EUR. Of course, not all the policemen are the same, these are only exceptions. It is different if we happen to meet them or hear about them. If we keep silent in such situations the question arises - don't we become the accomplices of the murder? If we were more exacting about policemen, politicians, then probably less people would die every year. Real, live people.

    It must be understood that the guilty ones should not be searched only somewhere outside. Many of us encourage it by ourselves in everyday life. Drivers, especially in Eastern Europe, have a habit of representing misinterpreted „solidarity", that is - noticing the traffic police patrol they try to warn oncoming drivers sending light signals. The question is - do they really know what they warn? Probably, the homicidal idiot has been warned by winking, now avoids luckily the traffic police, after some kilometres overtakes in high speed going sharp into the turning, and smashes the approaching family. Drivers following this „solidarity" will definitely say it is not true. But isn't it interesting - how they can be sure about the warned drivers? I may say that each of us, who has done it, has warned a murderer who has brought once the bad luck to a certain family, person. Is it the adequate price for „solidarity"? Frankly speaking, it is a self-deception about some kind of „solidarity", it is an elementary cooperation between lawbreakers, hope to be warned by other drivers and avoidance of penalty. By accident, without thinking we start to bargain over the death.

    It is advisably in the process of thinking to follow your mind and understand that there is something not for sale in the world. For nothing in the world. Dirty money does not bring happiness and peace. It will gnaw your life, will visit you in your nightmares for the rest of your life.

    The same can be said about the corrupted politicians who easily take possession of the state's money. They avoid thinking where this money could be used, for example, in health care or in ensuring the traffic. Robbing the state some hospitals might really be short of resources to save the life of people who could have been saved. Such politicians are the persons who without any troubles in order to get their own comfort sell lives of other people, health and prosperity. Those of their relatives, friends and acquaintances. Because every day almost everybody is constrained to come into contact with the surroundings that are not adjusted enough because the state has missed some capital or politicians and clerks have spend their time making hustles or travelling around „on business" instead of working. They do not even think that money wasted in a business trip could be used for a salary of a nurse who would save a life of a real person. Or this money could improve the policeman's work so that he could be able to stop another murderer.

    Every time ignoring the elections or without thinking voting for the politicians once caught in lying and stealing we actually give them possibility to continue their deeds, namely, stealing money that could have been used for the state's purposes, for example, for better children's protection.

    In this situation many will say - such is a life, we can not change it, you can not patch up the world, etc. It is not true! There are still countries where not many people perish on the roads and not many children die and many other tragical things do not happen there. Are the people living in these countries particularly cleverer than we are?! I do not think so. They rather do not give up indifferently, they think a lot of it and are more exacting about politicians and self-rigorous. They do not hide themselves behind fatal and overwise phrases.

    A recipe is simple enough - don't lose heart and hang your lip! Don't let people with dirty face out-talk you!

    Have a nice day and be careful,
    Paul Lasaro

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