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Wall Street is now the "Tower of Babble"

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by khothla, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. khothla

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    Oct 12, 2008
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    Now that you've seen the "Banksters Robbery" at Wall Street, know then that
    the "Tower of Babble" isn't located in Babylon but rather on Wall Street.

    That's where these back-door economists and analysts have been explaining the dumb ducks, plebs about the economy, currencies, interest rapes, commodity jargons, hedge bets,derivatives, and the stock market boosters...that stands as a solid foundation on a layer of Quicksand.

    There was almost a perfect correlation between the specificity of an analyst's forecasts and the chances that they were giving useless and dangerous advice to make you jump into the River for a swim with the Crocodiles, and many just jumped in with closed eyes.

    They said : The market has broken through its 50-day moving average and will begin testing new lows this week.

    They Meant : Here's what I got when I read my tea leaves, deal my tarot cards, and gaze into my missing balls.

    When they said : Expect the S&P to hit 1,210 before rebounding to 1,350 and then finding support at 1,970.

    They Meant : I am wearing a sandwich board that says, "I haven't the foggiest notion what I'm talking about, find it yourself.

    The Signs were there for a Market Crash

    The Great Stock Market Crash of 1929 marks its 75th anniversary with the usual questions of could it happen again, yes.....The Signposts were there, sheepheads were too busy to observe them.

    The worst day in market history didn’t occur in the 1929 crash, but in more modern times on October 19, 1987 when the Dow dropped over 500 points, as the buying panic rose, complex computer programs kicked in and began issuing more sell orders. Known as programmed trading, these automated systems added fuel to the fire. When the dust had settled, over $1.5 trillion in value had disappeared from the market and this February, investors witnessed a drop of $583 billion in U.S. market wealth.

    On Feb. 27 of this year, a 9 percent market sell-off in China sent ripples of fear through stock markets across the world. In the United States, the Dow's one-day plunge of 416 points was the steepest decline since the market opened after Sept. 11, 2001. This was the sign to watch.....

    ....Now we have the October 2008 Paulson-Barnanke "Tower of Babble" Crash " The Bell has Rung"

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