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War. Dear Mrs. Obama, please ask oligarch women to rein in their love of war.

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Gnostic Christian Bishop, Feb 17, 2016.

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    Sep 24, 2013
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    War. Dear Mrs. Obama, please ask oligarch women to rein in their love of war.

    If women did not love war and drama so much, and men did not love to see that trait so much in women, peace would come relatively quickly to all wars.

    War, as a part of what humanity’s status quo, ---- and same old same old drama of to the death conflict for those we do not like.

    I recognize that the causes of war are many. No argument. But the love of drama that you and I feed as we live through our lives, in terms of our love of war, can be controlled by each of us.

    War is driven by man’s happiness factor. Women are the key to a man’s happiness. At our roots, we are sexual animals and men War for sex. Sex being one of the great tools of nature. Men war for sex and women.

    All animals like man have set combat as a show of fitness for matting. We as a species can choose if we combat to the death or not. Women control that decision via sex and the limit they set on drama.

    Women, being the first prize of all this death, destruction and war, as well as being responsible for all the benefits war brings to mankind

    There are only two ways to conquer a nation. Through military might or by control of the economy.

    Women have control of the world via the economy. Women rule the world as they control sex and money.

    We love war for many good reasons, but dear woman, the world has enough problems and can live without needless deaths.

    The oligarch women of the world are presently funding all wars. Please ask them to stop.



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