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Welcome to all members from politicsevolved.com!

Discussion in 'Forum announcements' started by Walter, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. Walter

    Walter Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 9, 2006
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    Heart of Europe
    I want to welcome all members from the forum at politicsevolved.com!

    As the former admin of politicsevolved.com didn't had the time to run the forum he handed over his site to me and as it doesn't make much sense to run two political forums I imported all posts and all members into houseofpolitics.com.

    Something missing?
    Your username and password stays the same. All your posts and private messages where imported.
    There are only about 2000 posts currently missing - but they are not lost! During the import I was only able to move half of the posts to proper forums so currently the other half of the posts reside in a hidden region of the forum until we moderators have decided where to move them.

    This forum has slightly different forum names
    Economics/Investing -> Business & Economics
    2008 Presidential Election -> Elections & Political Parties
    Religion and Philosophy -> Culture & Religion
    Introduce Yourself -> Introductions
    General Discussions -> House of Politics Lounge

    What did the politicsvolved.com members gain?
    Not only this forum is a few times larger so you will find a partner for your discussion more easily, the forum runs a newer version of vBulletin with many new features. See this thread to find out more about the features and this thread for informations about blogging.
    I hope you feel comfortable soon and will enjoy the new, larger forum.

    What did the houseofpolitics.com members gain?
    Some fresh blood (about 500 members, of course not all are active) and more than 5000 posts (old and new ones).

    Welcome! :)
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