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What would make the world really a better place?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BigEeZe, Mar 21, 2009.


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  1. BigEeZe

    BigEeZe New Member

    Mar 21, 2009
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    So I was sitting next to the Salmon River (small riverfront home) in Upstate New York, thinking about what ails us. Humans. What truly contributes to our demise? What things would really have to change fundamentally in order for good things to happen? The as I delved into answering that question I was a bit surprised at where I'd started up: No one person should make more than the the President of the United States. No one. Think about that for a minute. In reality it will likely never happen. Those that even read this might be taken with the idea, and then there are those that would laugh and spend more time tearing my idea apart. Its not that I'm the authority on the matter. Certainly there could be varying ideas to this and I'm certainly into hearing a well constructed upon and/or criticism.

    So what would happen to all the excess profits and so on??? etc etc etc. One could go on talking at exhaustion thinking up all these scenarios and even arguing against it based on Religious or Political beliefs. But then you'd only be proving the point more. What if there were an honest and true census taken of the world. Call that number from said census X. Let's do that for starters! Now what if there were, I suppose it would take an omnipotent effort for this to happen, a standard put on all necessary goods and services should be equal to X. Deconstruct the system of countries as it were in order to reassign tasks that could be advantageous geographically for each "Region" of the World. Give said Regions tasks that can be maintained for X. No more, no less. This is what the basis of all life would be given. Whatever goods and services that can be deemed acceptable for all would be put to a consensus direction. All goods and services rendered in exchange for jobs that can be performed by individuals that are deemed most apt to perform correctly. Assessment tests abound! This would require really the elimination of currency. A truly even and level playing field. This is the only way we would ever be able to get off of this planet. That's the we'd be able to as Mankind, unite in effort labeled as those belonging to this planet.

    Again I know you're all going to rip this apart and so on for what it isn't, hopefully instead you'll see what it could be and expand on what would make this work. That's why its a blog I suppose. :D
  2. BigRob

    BigRob Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2007
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    Expand on what? Sound a lot like communism to me. Sounds fine on paper, in reality it is awful. What is the incentive to do anything if you cannot be rewarded for it?

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