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Which list is longer?

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by GenSeneca, Jun 27, 2009.


Which list is longer?

  1. Republicans who cheat on their wives

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  2. Democrats who cheat on their taxes

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  1. GenSeneca

    GenSeneca Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2008
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    Which list is longer...

    Republicans who cheated on their wives or Democrats who cheated on their taxes?

    Republicans are seen as hypocrites for having cheated on their wives but I don't hear the Republican party doing much campaigning on the issue of marital fidelity. Matter of fact... I couldn't find it anywhere in the Republican platform.

    Democrats on the other hand are constantly harping on all Americans to pay more in taxes, to support tax hikes and otherwise "spread the wealth" of America. Biden claimed support for higher taxes was patriotic... Good thing he didn't say actually paying taxes was patriotic because there'd be a huge slew of un-patriotic Democrats... many of which are Congressional leaders or Obama cabinet appointees. Now as to the hypocrisy... Democrats DO call for higher taxes in the Democrat Platform:

    Taxes on Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing, Trade, Firearms and Ammunition, Foods with sugar, Carbon taxes... Well, there are just too many to actually list. They certainly love taxes.

    After all, Taxes make up 33% of the Progressive Panacea: Taxes, Subsidies, Regulations. Progressives have no other answers to problems... to them all solutions must fit into one or more of those categories.

    Perhaps if Republicans loved their wives as much as Democrats loved taxes, they wouldn't cheat. And if Democrats loved paying taxes as much as they love raising them... they wouldn't cheat either.

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