9-11 = Communism.


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Apr 16, 2008
The same Zionist bankers who were responsible for the Soviet Union and the savage communism it brought to Russia also attacked New York City on 9-11. Now they ravage our Constitutional rights and freedoms. Because they think Americans are too stupid to realize the Zionist bankers were responsible for 9-11. Check out all the Neo-con propaganda after 9-11, and examine the results. Who benefited from 9-11?

Just take notice of the wholesale robbery of the American treasury, of rights, of freedoms, of property, of industry, of employment, and of American identity since they pulled off 9-11. Just notice how Hollywood uses so-called entertainment to promote everything contrary to strong traditional family values. Notice how they make the traditional head of the family unit look stupid, and weak in television advertisement.

Notice how so much advertisement is devoted to curing serious life threatening illnesses, while concealing the fact that your cereal is being poisoned with heavy metals, the water is being poisoned with pharmaceuticals and fluoride, the air is being poisoned with barium, aluminum, and bio-toxic substances. The food in general is poisoned with a large range of GMO experimental poisons, while the so-called “World Health organization” seeks to outlaw vitamin's and the growing of one’s own food…All this has greatly increased since 9-11.

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaLqcYBsb64

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY3OAkwLhyo&feature=related

LINK: FLU bioweapon WHO attempted mass murder genocide part 3. - YouTube

Imagine now the great suffering of the people’s in the ukraine that starved to death at the hand’s of Stalin the Jew for not bowing to communism…The updated version of this same savagery done against the ukraine is now used against America and the world. Food and poison are used as weapons of mass murder.

LINK: The Soviet Story The Holodomor Ukrainian SSR Edvins Snore Letvia 2008 - YouTube

LINK: Facts About the 1933 Famine-Genocide in Soviet Occupied Ukraine

Zionist Larry Silverstein makes billions off the carnage of innocent New Yorkers, and the treasury is looted by the “two (false-flag) wars” which only benefit the Zionist/Israeli’s. The Jewish population of New York City is 2nd only to that of the Jewish/Edomite occupation of the Holy Land. An ideal place for the Jewish attack, imagine Trotsky another communist dispatched out of New York City he would be so proud. He and Stalin who were indeed “Jewish”.

LINK: Jew Watch - Leaders - Joseph Stalin - Jews and Communism

LINK: Jews and Bolshevism - Jewish Bolsheviks -Judeo-Bolsheviks

LINK: Kissinger - The Book by Gary Allen

Understand these people are not the biblical Israelite’s this is precisely why they call themselves “Israeli”. They have entered into a covenant with Satan. He uses them to teach greed, and erase any hint of integrity, morality and virtue through the love of money and the media. Satan uses them to harvest as many souls humanly possible for everlasting torture in hell, this is the true “New World Order” they conceal.

The pathetic main stream media (which they control) tried to cover-up this Israeli treason called 9-11, also thinks if they just keep repeating all their Wicked lies, and keep blaming the victims and erasing our freedoms us goy will be deceived by all the well bribed reprobate sociopath's who parrot their wicked lies. Not true!

Its treason and all their Israeli secret society puppets in the American government have sold the people out…they represent the communist world order. The best part of this whole ordeal is that it will be no “New/communism world order” above ground. The missing accountability is only set aside for a short while. The part Satan never told the greedy bastards is that eternity is hell awaits them. The so-called elite may destroy the world and murder billions of people, but it will not be rebuilt as the communist want to believe.

Hell is the only place capable of providing the type of retribution they want to believe will never come, and beneath them. The understanding of biblical prophecy clearly reveals the fate of the wicked, everlasting justice will indeed prevail……Repent if you can...if it’s not too late