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Jan 12, 2008
When one investigates a crime , they must look at motive and evidence.
When one looks at all the evidence surrounding 911, it does lead one to question if it was a special ops attack on the American people. 911 has been used by our government as a tool to systematically impead on the freedoms of the populous, it doesn't seem as though that the government is attempting to stifle the terrorist as much as they wish to control our population.

Who benefits from 911?

Israel get's a enemy destroyed and the American population will pay the tab.

Europe also has benefited, by devaluing the dollar, the value of the euro has been increased.

China has been enhanced by our demise as well.

With that being said, a airliner never hit the pentagon, the only pictures that were released are of an object behind a sign with a white trail. a jet engine doesn't have a white chemical trail but a solid fuel rocket does and a jet is to large to be hidden by a sign.


Have you guy's ever seen a jet crash into the ground and leave no debris, titanium impellers were not even there, why? It never happened.

This entire operation was carried out by the same people that proclaim objection of the false truth is a conspiracy.

The twin towers were taken down with explosives after they were hit by the planes, you can see the discharge from the high explosive in time lapse of the videos that everyone has been shown, the steel beams were cut ironically in equal lengths. Sizemagraph EQUIPMENT PICKED UP EACH EXPLOSION THAT CORRESPONDS EXACTLY TO THE VISUAL DISCHARGES.

A week previous to the event the security service was relieved of duty and were not at the site, yet had engineers of some type running all over the buildings.

The American population has been goaded into the belief that this was an event carried out by someone that lives in a cave, please.
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