Are Private and Charter Schools going to take Over?


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May 17, 2015
I especially ask this living here in the United States. I konw someone who has worked in the state education system here in the state of Arizona. I was actually appalled by some of the stuff they told me such as being told that some kids shouldn't be worked with because they weren't getting the lesson, so only work with those who are. Their reaction was the same as mine since when do we ignore those kids who are falling behind, oh right since everything in public schools started to be judge by a test.

Now I have noticed more private funded and charter schools coming into my state, along with other states. I have to wonder if these and even the emergence of online education will eventually take over from state funded schools. I wish that I couldn't fault state funded public schools, after all I grew up going to them in my area. I got a good education, but that doesn't seem to be the case any longer with over crowding in classrooms due to a lack of teachers because they are leaving the profession and everyone wanting to teach a test not a curricium. Right no child left behind more like all the public schools left behind.
Ultimately education builds on itself. For instance, if the 1st grade teacher failed, then the 5th grade teacher will fail. Further up the chain, if the 5th grade teacher failed, then the 8th grade teacher will fail. As far as most failed schools are concerned, somewhere in the chain somebody messed up. Why can't public schools fix the chain?
I'd be willing to bet the op poster had parents who expected learning. That us the difference today..
I agree they shouldn't bother with slackers. Find a way to penalize the parent and perhaps then they will take school serioysly.
Start with eliminating welfare.
Absolutely right, eliminate welfare. Make parents take responsibility for their own children. Maybe, just maybe if that ever happened, 50 years of practically free birth control would begin to be utilized, and our schools would not be overcrowded with unwanted kids, who will grow up to be welfare recipients, and thus Democrat supporters! This country is a damned mess, thanks to the liberalism that has crept into our educational system! Kids, even so-called smart ones, are sorely lacking in Math, History and communication skills, but they sure are up on all the social crap!