Bachelet denies any knowledge or involvement in her son’s corruption scandal


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May 1, 2014
1. ....Bachelet insisted that “corruption in Chile is not widespread” despite stating that an investigation into powerful businessmen and her “family member” were under way.

The president’s comments came as Bachelet’s son Sebastian Davalos was to be questioned by prosecutors on Wednesday about his role in a controversial and possibly illegal real estate transaction. Davalos and his wife, Natalia Compagnon, stand accused of using their political connections to obtain a $10m bank loan which they allegedly used to flip a property in order to earn millions of dollars in a matter of weeks.

Last month, Chilean prosecutors seized computers, cellphone records and $4m as they continued to investigate the business dealings of both the president’s son and her daughter-in-law. While Compagnon testified on Wednesday, Davalos cancelled his appearance on the advice of his lawyers, fueling speculation that he has something to hide.

The Davalos case is focused on a proposed change to municipal zoning that would have sent real estate prices soaring. But the suspicion that a Bachelet family member was involved in illicit business has come to symbolize a widespread malaise in the Chilean body politic.

In February, Davalos was forced to leave his government job directing the president’s sociocultural agenda. While Bachelet denies any knowledge or involvement in the real estate transaction, a majority of Chileans don’t believe her.....


2. If you are unaware of the wrongdoing of someone so close to you, how can you be certain of the truth of happenings far away? :)