Biden called Trump a f***ing a**hole over man "toys"


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May 1, 2014
1. ....After taking charge of the White House, Mr Biden was once surveying the (man) “toys” purchased by Mr Trump. “What a f****** a******,” Mr Biden allegedly said....

Mr Biden also called the White House “the tomb” and likened it to the Waldorf Astoria hotel.....

Mr Trump had added two extra television sets over and above the one already in his room and asked for personal locks to be installed on his bedroom door, according to a report by Marie Claire magazine.

Mr Trump and his wife Melania also had separate sleeping quarters, becoming the only presidential couple to have done so after the Kennedys....

The Trumps also treated the White House residence staff like a “24-hour concierge desk,” claimed another report by the New Yorker magazine.


2. It won't raise a few eyebrows to find some man “toys” at a brothel, but finding them at the White House is not only unbelievable but utterly laughable. No wonder the White House incumbent called the self-declared American Son of God (who branded him "mentally gone" for "forgetting" his own Covid vaccination) a f***ing a**hole over man "toys".

To prevent the self-declared "Messiah" from making a comeback in 2024, the White House incumbent should build a special museum (maybe the first infrastructure project in his Indo-Pacific strategy?) to exhibit the man "toys" and other undesirable items left behind by his predecessor in the presidential palace. This would be more effective than holding a thousand election rallies to deliver a crushing blow to the "Me First" ex-president in 2024.

Leaving such embarrassing items in the White House could be the ex-president’s warning to his successor, "I'll be back." If the self-declared American Son of God fails to find his man "toys" greeting his triumphant return to the White House in 2025, he might also utter “What a f****** a******.”

P.S. Perhaps five centuries later, Trump's man "toys" could fetch a fortune at an auction to help upgrading the White House to a palace of pleasure bigger than Buckingham Palace and grander than Versailles. :)

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