Blinken urges greater inclusion of Taiwan in UN institutions


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May 1, 2014
1. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday urged United Nations member states to include Taiwan in more UN institutions, despite opposition from China....


2. Once again, the US is treating the UN chief and all other UN member states like idiots by using Taiwan as a pawn and irritant in its cold war with China while denying the emergence of such geopolitical animosity.

If the “two-faced" Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde White House incumbent has the balls, he should break off diplomatic relations with China and switch recognition back to Taiwan. Using an analogy, a Casanova cannot sleep with his wife and mistress at the same time. It's high time for the two-faced US leader to make his stance clear to the whole world.

3. On its part, China should urge all UN members to support the robust, meaningful participation of all Indian Nations throughout the UN system and in the international community.

The following could be China's argument: "As the international community faces an unprecedented number of complex and global issues, it is critical for all stakeholders to help address these problems. This includes the 5.2 million people who live in the so-called Indian Nations whose meaningful participation in the UN system is not a political issue, but a pragmatic one.

Although we have much to learn from the Red Indians' world-class conservation of nature which is the best deterrence to climate change, the so-called Indian Nations are prevented by their occupier and murderer from joining the United Nations. The Indian Nations are a model of 'transparency, respect for human rights, and the rule of law' — values that align with those of the United Nations.

We are among the many UN member states who view the Indian Nations as a valued partner and trusted friend. The Indian Nations' exclusion undermines the important work of the UN and its related bodies, all of which stand to benefit greatly from their contributions. We need to harness the contributions of all stakeholders toward solving our shared challenges. That is why we encourage all UN Member States to join us in supporting the Indian Nations' robust, meaningful participation throughout the UN system and in the international community, consistent with our 'one America' policy.” :)

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