Chicago in all-out fight against Communist take-over


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Apr 16, 2008
All the old establishment media networks in Chicago reflect the Zionism ownership of the news agencies. The continuous one sided approach of the media is far from true journalism.

Rahm Emanuel’s picture is shown in print media and he appears in front of the cameras far more than any of the other candidates. The news reporters in Chicago are even defending his position or (lack of one) when the other mayoral candidates speak against him. In one television debate by fox news Robin Robinson was very rule, and disruptive when a former senator was asked a question.

An interrogation best describes how Robinson was apparently instructed handle the former senator. The Fox new operative asked Ms Braun a question and interrupted at least 4 times in quick secession when she was trying to answer.

The Illinois so-called Supreme Court proved to everyone the slow pace in which they decide cases is intentional and not an unavoidable part of the judicial system.
The appellate court ruled that Rahm Emanuel was in violation of a clear, long standing, and well established law, however Supreme Court decided the case “before” any deliberation, when the high court “accepted” the case they ordered that Emanuel’s name be placed back on the ballot “the case was already decided” the official decision days later was only window dressing.

For the first time the black robes took on a new meaning, it’s now reminiscent of a group of dark satanic cult members that has an alternate agenda quite different than that of the rule of law.

It’s clear the Zionist control the Federal Reserve, the old News media, and now the Illinois Supreme Court has come out of the closet. All this for the son of an “Israeli terrorist”, who has dual citizenship and has served in the Israeli military and is known to have ties to the Mossad.

The toxic bombing runs over the city of Chicago are much worst than ever, and increasingly thick chemtrails blanket the skies as the Feb 22 election date approaches.
The increase in deaths, heart attacks, strokes, Asthma attacks, and respiratory problems is being blamed on soot from the Amtrak trains which is a diversion. One overloaded hospital serving the Southside of Chicago has even stopped ambulance service.

As quiet as it’s been kept Former Mayor Harold Washington was murdered by poison, and an investigation of this murder was never made. Good people have done nothing so slow poison has become chosen method of the Zionist, and it now plagues us all.

The chemtrails are known to contain barium, aluminum, Pseudomonas Fluorescens, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, A fungus called streptomyces, and a cocktail of JP8+100 jet fuel, laced with Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) are only some of the toxins that have been identified in the aerial sprayings. Just try and name who on earth could bear the cost of retrofitting a huge amount of aircraft to spray toxic chemicals over such vast areas of land?

Mass murder has always been the communist way. History can repeat itself, and it’s ignorant and irresponsible not to take notice of how Russia was taken over by the communist who were financed by the Zionist international bankers who want to be known as the Federal Reserve. In the Ukraine more than 10 million farmers of all people were staved to death for not accepting communism.

Now days the beastly greed of the Zionist/communist load the masses of people with carcinogens, and advertise all day on television their cancer treatment centers. If they don’t outright kill masses of people with the bombing runs of airborne toxins, they bankrupt the people with their so-called medical treatment. The communist have altered their tactics over the years in the Ukraine death was fairly swift from starvation and not so profitable.

Now the communist/Zionist poison the air, food, and water cause the sickness and deaths while offering the cure at enormous cost. The Communist/new world order is satanic as it gets, and it’s getting worst. The Zionist company Monsanto poisons the food with the so-called genetic engineering experimentation and has the nerve to dictate to the general public that we don’t have the right to know what’s in our food!

Crops are now being designed not to bear seeds so if their wicked communism is not accepted food will be withheld from the masses similar to that of the Ukraine, but the seeds will not have to be stolen from the farmers because the farmers will have to purchase the genetically engineered seeds to keep from starving. This communist/Zionist control method is now used in Iraq after the Israeli’s used the American military to serve their communist purposes.

Let’s face it Chicago is not the only place facing appointments of people like Rahm Emanuel to government. Privatization is one of the communist methods of thievery, and has been demonstrated in the Former Soviet Union. Americans are not cattle and the Zionist media can no longer withhold information pertaining to the Jewish scheme called the Soviet Union and all the trouble at has caused, first the communist threat was to Europe, now it threatens the entire world. Rahm Emanuel and others hope to spread their communist tyranny by educating our young to be traitors to their families and America.

Not only this he wants to erase the second amendment of the Constitution so the more brutal phase of their treasonous schemes can be put in place. Just as they did in the Soviet Union with the Jewish operation called the Bolshevik revolution. The Zionist media has been surprisingly successful in withholding the fact that Stalin himself was a Jew.

With Larry Silverstein now in ownership of the Sears (Willis Towers) it’s irresponsible, and totally regrettable to allow the son of a terrorist to control a city like Chicago.


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
Watch these stupid drugged welfare African Americans vote for Rahm Emanuel. Those same stupid drugged welfare African Americans who voted for Barrack Obama.