Do you agree with my political stance and would you vote for me?


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Oct 4, 2008
International Issues:

Energy & Oil: We should be investing in alternative energy to free ourselves from foreign dependence.
-I would pledge 5 billion dollars a year, for 10 years, to companies who research new alternative energy.
-I would also implement a program for banks to give homeowners government insured, low interest loans to homeowners who buy alternative energy technologies for their home, through financing.
-I would also give huge tax rebates to people who buy/finance an alternative energy vehicle.

Foreign Policy: I support the war on terrorism, We should be pulling out of Iraq as soon as the government, economy, and military is stable. I would like our country to lead the way in improvements for the global environment. We should improve on human rights for all nations. Finally, improve relations in the far Middle East by very strong diplomacy.

Free Trade: I believe we should make it so that free trade favors our economy verses our neighbor's economy with government managed trade.
-I would raise taxes by 25% on specific items being imported that hurts our economy.
-I would lower taxes by 15% on most products being exported from the states.
-I would break current treaties that are hurting our economy, and sending jobs overseas.
-I would only make new treaties that are fair and favor both economies, without hurting one or the other.

Homeland Security: DHS plays a vital role in today in today’s world. For that reason…
-I will increase the departments funding by 25%.
-I will hire an additional 1500 border patrol agents, to add the already 6000 already hired.
- By increasing our Coast Guard by 10 cutters. These 10 Coast Guard cutters will play a vital role in today’s “War on Drugs”, also patrol our shorelines for illegal immigrants, piracy, terrorist, and overall better security and sea rescue.

Immigration: I believe in open borders with strict regulations governing immigration. I don't believe in amnesty for illegal aliens.
-I will legislate new stricter laws for immigrants who commit felonies and for illegal immigrants who are re-captured within our borders.
I will re-nogotiate our extradition treaty with Mexico, to include capital punishment for illegal immigrants who kill Americans.
-As stated before, I will raise the funding for the Dept. of Homeland Security by 25%.
-I will enforce upgrading our border wall with Mexico, with high technological devices and cameras
-I will employ an additional 1500 border security agent.
-I will employ 1000 additional I.C.E. Agents to hunt down illegal immigrants.
-10 additional cutters for our Coast Guard.

War & Peace: I believe in a world of peace and diplomacy. We will do whatever it takes through diplomacy to achieve this goal. We will strive to make this world a safer place for all who walk on it.

Domestic Issues:

Armed Forces: I support a well maintained, well trained, military. We should always give our troops what they need to accomplish their mission. I believe in pay raises and good healthcare for the military members and their families.

Civil Rights: I support the U.S. Constitution and "Bill of Rights". I condone same-sex marriage or civil unions.

Crime: Crime in our nation is a major problem, for those cities that have a high crime rate…
-I believe in more cops on the streets. I will hire an additional 25,000 cops for the nation’s cities with the highest crime rate. And harsher sentences for more serious crimes.
-I will support and introduce legislation to toughen laws on serious crimes.
-I believe petty criminals should be given reduced sentences for behavior & anger management improvement courses.

Drugs: We’re losing the "War on Drugs", we need a new strategy.
I will employ a new “plan of action” for taking down drug cartels. Please read the section under DHS for more information,

Employment: We need more jobs, job security, and better paying jobs.
-I will stand behind implementing new government programs, and improving existing government programs to make college more affordable for our children.
-I will implement means to learn a new trade or skill for adults, assisted by government financing.
-I will bring new jobs to our economy. I will lower the overall commercial tax from 35% to 25%.
-I will implement new measures to make it more attractive to bring jobs back to America.

Environmental: I believe in preserving our nation's landmarks, forest, and parks. I believe in tougher regulations for a cleaner environment. I am willing to listen to anyone who has an idea of improving our environment.

Government: (Federal/State/Local) I support small government at all levels.

Gun Control: I believe in and support the second amendment 100%.

Terrorism: I don't believe in the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, but I believe in the war on terrorism. I will work with congress on abolishing the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act.

Veterans: Although I can’t hand VA a blank check, I am here to support our veterans in any way possible.

Economic Issues:

Budget & Deficit: The deficit is the highest the nation has ever seen! To be realistic, it’s going to take a lot of work to balance the budget.
-First, I would cut government spending. I wouldn’t underfund anything; I just wouldn’t overfund it either.
-secondly, I would do away with earmarks.
-Third, I would not finance any more useless programs. I would cut programs not showing results or that just don’t make sense.
-Fourth, I would raise taxes on foreign trade and imports, not everything, just imports that hurt our farmers, manufacturers, etc.
-Fifth, I would cut government salaries and benefits, just on those positions that are overpaid and over staffed.
-Sixth, I would NOT make any new un-needed debts.
-Seventh, work with our loans, to get the interest cut.
- In order to balance the budget, and to do what I want to do, we have a long road ahead of us. If everything is done correctly the budget could be balanced within 10 years. Every year that goes by will be less and less spending on interest.

Economy: I see our weak economy and I am disgusted with the greed these corporations can get away with.
-I am NOT in favor of bailing out these corporations, let the chips fall where they may.
-I am in favor of strict oversight commissions for these corporations.

Government Reform: We need to make the government accountable for its own actions. The government must step up and assume responsibility for its role it has played lately. The only way I know how to do this is by YOU the voter. You must write your elected official, when you don’t like the actions. Stand up and voice your concern. Let them know what you want done, after all YOU are the government! They just represent you!

Infrastructure: We need to make major improvements to our infrastructure.
-We need to invest some major cash in this area, over a period of time; we need to improve bridges, telecoms, roads, etc.

Social Security: I support Social Security, it just needs an overhaul, I believe in a 15% pay raise for Social Security recipients.
-This would be done by Social Security Reform.
-Each future SS recipient would also start a private savings for retirement, mandatory by law, by dividing your current Social Security tax rate in half. This means if you currently pay $130.00 a month now. Then $65.00 goes to SS and the other $65.00 goes to a private savings account with a high return, you can’t touch till age 62 or 65. We will not need to raise your SS taxes. We will just use what you already pay.
-I will create retirement programs you can invest in too, it will be a long term plan, and as long as you don’t touch it, it will not be taxed. You can use it at age 55, tax-free.

Taxes & Tax Reform: Once we balance the budget, I would recommend tax rebates for college students. I will do away with any other personal tax-rebates.

Technology: I believe investing in technology for all areas, private or public funded.

Unemployment: I will create new jobs through lower business taxes.
-I will attract new jobs back to America, through attractive benefits for those companies who left.

Welfare & Poverty: I support helping the poor; I don’t support paying lazy people. I will pass legislature to help lazy people to find work. If you are in true need of assistance, I am here for you.

-Like I stated before, I am going to bring new jobs to the U.S. This should have some impact in this area.

- I would like to help families in poverty, buy offering tax rebates to the family as a whole, not individually based.

Social Issues:

Abortion: I Believe it’s the woman’s right to choose.

Corporations: More oversight and stricter regulations on cooperation’s.

Education: I stand behind a good education. I support more qualified teachers for our schools. We would pay teachers more, but in-return we ask for better qualified teacher. I will make college more affordable.

Family & Children: I'm very family oriented; I support all family programs that aid in everyday family life.

Healthcare: Well here’s the deal, I know you don’t like paying taxes. But if you elect, (it’s your choice) to pay 10% more in taxes to the federal government. You will be covered up to $65,000.00 a year, with no co-pay.
Children who qualify, up to age 18, will automatically enrolled through the government.
Seniors will still be under Medic-Aid and Medi-Care.

Principles & Values: If you have a question in this department............please let me know.

I am still working on improving some of these programs, But with some hard work and determination. We can achieve what is right for all of us.
The reason I can afford to do everything I want do, and NOT raise Taxes, is by getting rid of useless programs, earmarks and wasteful government spending. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me!
You comment a lot of how you want to pay down the debt and support small government, but then you propose billions in new spending. There is also a lot of government spending hidden in your proposals that I think you would need to better explain.

I do not see how you are going to cut the revenue coming in to SS and give everyone a 15% raise at the same time, all while not going into massive debt.

I think overall, I would not vote for you based on your foreign policy, energy, and free trade issues, and there are part of many other areas that I disagree with as well.