Electric Cars... In Hawaii!


Dec 6, 2008
"DailyTech - Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle has unveiled a plan for the island state to create an electric car network by 2012, helping rid the state of its heavy dependence on foreign oil.

Electric car company Better Place will be the company responsible for building the electric car network that will cost an estimated $200 million to $250 million in construction. Better Place has not signed any investors for the project, but will intensify its search in the immediate future.

Better Place was founded by former SAP AG executive Shai Agassi, who is helping lead discussions regarding the same technology in Australia, Denmark, Israel and San Francisco.

Consumers who purchase or lease electric cars will be able to visit Better Place supply recharging service locations to switch out their lithium ion car battery for a full-charged new one. Better Place will then recharge the new battery during off-peak electricity hours.

Hawaii imports oil for about 90 percent of its total energy needs, which totals around $7 billion per year. Around one-third of all imported oil is used for cars and buses. Gov. Lingle wants the state to cut around 70 percent of its fossil fuel use by 2030."

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What do you guys think about this electric car business? Do you think it will work? I'm afraid that they might not make enough money to run the business for too long. It is compleatly getting rid of the current "fill up at the gas station" idea, and replacing it with a "fill up at work" idea. Maybe this is what we will see all the time in a year like 2020, but I can't tell for sure.