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Finding Natures God

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Old_Trapper70, Nov 22, 2015.

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    Dec 17, 2014
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    This is a reference to an article about the loss of participation in today's church's. I made a reference to finding God in nature through meditation rather then in the corrupt church's we see today. Perhaps this article can shed some light on my proposal, and why the Founders referred to "Nature's God":


    "No one will argue stepping out in to nature has its benefits. There is a large body of evidence suggesting nature reduces stress, helps us recover from illness, and enhances our cognitive skills and academic performance. However, Andrew Przybylski, a social scientist at the University of Essex claims nature actually makes us nicer people (perhaps because we are happier people?) because it helps to put us in greater touch with our authentic selves. “Nature in a way strips the artifices of society that alienate us from one another,” he says.

    Nature encourages introspection because we are removed from the made-made structures and man-made pressures we face in our daily lives. We spend so much time dwelling in these man-made structures from our homes to office buildings, they serve as a constant reminder of the worries, stresses and anxieties we deal with all the time. Structure has come to symbolize humanity’s confinement.

    While concrete cities, buildings, cars and trains, structures of the unnatural world confine us physically, they also confine us psychologically, socially and emotionally and spiritually if you think about it. We are forced to wear different labels of worker, husband, wife, mother, father, caretaker, sister, brother, son and daughter. Each structure we walk in and out of forces us to wear various social masks and along with them, a set of associated obligations.

    When we break free of the confinement of cities and structure we break free of societal roles and labels. We step out in to the natural world unhindered and with a greater sense of freedom unparalleled to anything else. This feeling imbues in us a sense of happiness as we are permitted to be more authetic and natural in our own skin."
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