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France threatens retaliation against UK as fishing spat flares again

Discussion in 'European Politics' started by reedak, Oct 7, 2021.

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    May 1, 2014
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    1. PARIS, Sept 29 (Reuters) - France will decide within two weeks on possible retaliation measures after Britain and the Channel Island of Jersey refused dozens of French fishing boats a licence to operate in their territorial waters.

    Paris accused London of playing politics with post-Brexit fishing rights and urged other European Union nations to take a similarly tough stand against what it called Britain's disregard towards the new trading relationship......

    France's maritime minister Annick Girardin said French fishermen should not be taken hostage by the British for political ends and said the retaliation could involve energy supplies, educational exchanges, trade flows and rail links.....

    Source: https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/uk...three-quarters-small-french-boats-2021-09-29/

    2. Following the "submarine deal” waterloo, the UK delivered another waterloo to France. It’s the "fishing” waterloo this time. It seems that the eternal conflicts between both countries could never end.

    If we look at the map of Jersey Island, it is situated nearer to France than the UK. In fact, Jersey Island was joined to France by a narrow isthmus until about A.D. 709. Hence, the island could be regarded as a "French Taiwan" geographically and historically.

    There were past attempts by France to retake Jersey Island. For instance, on 7 October 1406, Pero Niño led 1,000 French men at arms to retake the island. They landed at St Aubin's Bay and defeated the 3,000 defenders but failed to retake Jersey.

    On 6 January 1781, a French force of 2,000 men set out to retake the island, but only half of the force arrived and landed. The Battle of Jersey lasted about half an hour, with the British successfully defending the island. There were about thirty casualties on each side, and the British took 600 French prisoners who were subsequently sent to Great Britain. Both of the army commanders were slain.

    Hopefully, before his eventual summon by the Divine Being, Senator Alain Richard could live up to his expectation as a former defence minister by leading a French expeditionary force (most probably including Max Brisson, Else Joseph, Olivier Cadic and Andre Vallini) to Jersey in order to recover France's lost territory and erase the shame of Waterloo. Even if his attempt fails again, at least the heroic French warriors who failed to retake Jersey in the past did not die in vain. :)

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