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Huawei Ban Will Hurt US Companies More Than China

Discussion in 'House of Debates' started by reedak, Jun 16, 2019.

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    May 1, 2014
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    1. Well-respected global rating firm S&P has now come forward to claim that the ongoing ban on Huawei by the US government will have a far more severe impact on companies within the nation than on the OEM or its home region. The assessment reportedly comes down to a single point. American companies such as Qualcomm, Micron, Qorvo, and Lumentum depend heavily on Huawei's business to generate revenue.

    2. As shown in the above article, the US is so determined to cripple China economically that it is willing to sacrifice the business interests of its own technology companies, not to mention the huge losses suffered by foreign firms worldwide in the collateral damage.

    As an analogy of US ruthlessness in implementing the containment policy, a man hired somebody to carry out a bomb attack on his rival’s stall in a market, even killing his own business friends in the process.

    Using another analogy, in the morning of 13 May 2018, an Indonesian couple sacrificed themselves and their four children in three bomb attacks on churches in the city of Surabaya.

    3. There is a Chinese idiom, "Killing one to warn a hundred." It is critical for China to respond decisively to Trump's containment policy which could last from twenty years to a century. Failure to see Trump get beaten like a tin drum would embolden other more hawkish and dangerous bipartisan white supremacists to follow in his footsteps, possibly prolonging the global economic holocaust to several centuries.

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