In dig at US, Iranian militia unveils George Floyd video game


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May 1, 2014
1. TEHRAN — Iran’s Basij militia has unveiled a video game whose hero is George Floyd, the Black man who was murdered by a white police officer in the US last year.

In the “Nejat-e-Azadi” (Defend Freedom) 3D game, developed by the Basij’s IT department, the player must overcome obstacles and side-step enemies across 30 levels of difficulty.

Iran’s Saheb News, which is close to the Basij — a volunteer Islamic militia loyal to the establishment — said the game was presented Tuesday during a digital production conference it held in Tehran….


2. Instead of making itself a laughing stock by repeating such meaningless phrases as one-China principle, red line on Taiwan, playing with fire, etc umpteen times like mantra chants to the two-faced gas-emitting White House incumbent, the self-declared "Messiah" tax-returns phobic ex-president and other do-nothing US politicians, China should learn from such Third World countries as Iran and North Korea how to deal with US Imperialism.

Just see how helpless such do-nothing politicians as the Poor Little Rich Boy Marco, Tom Cotton Brain, Mike Pompato, "My Peter" Navarro, Mark Takano, Colin Allred, Sara Jacobs, Nancy Mace, Elissa Slotkin, etc when their country is being treated contemptuously by Iran, North Korea and Myanmar. Do they care to visit the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and shout on loudspeakers to the North that the South is "on the rise"? Do they dare to visit Jerusalem repeatedly to demonstrate to all Muslims their solidarity with Israel? Do they care to visit the refugee camps on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border to show their sympathy and support for the Rohingya? :)

Instead of banging the war drums that frighten more birds than people, China should learn from those Third World countries how to take digs at US Imperialism with more damaging effects. It would be better for China to downgrade its diplomatic relations if not breaking all ties with the US. Taking an analogy, just see how pitiful, hopeless and foolish a woman will end up if she is being forced to sleep on the floor, crying and groaning while watching her unfaithful husband making love with another woman on the master bed instead of upholding her dignity and ending her misery by seeking a divorce.

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