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India bans more than 100 Chinese apps

Discussion in 'Political Humor' started by reedak, Sep 3, 2020.

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    May 1, 2014
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    Part 1

    1. A further 118 Chinese mobile apps have been banned by the Indian government, as tensions between the two countries continue to rise.

    Those on the list include several of Tencent's products including the hit video game PUBG Mobile and WeChat Work.

    Previously the government had banned 59 of the most popular apps including TikTok over national security concerns....

    The ban comes against the backdrop of tensions along a disputed Himalayan border....

    Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-53998205

    2. If India bans more Chinese goods, China would have no choice other than to say "So be it."

    If India cuts all trade ties, China would have no choice other than to say "So be it."

    If India recalls its ambassador and asks China to do the same, China would have no choice other than to say "So be it."

    If India severs diplomatic relations, China would have no choice other than to say "So be it."

    3. Taking an analogy, if you punched your neighbour in the mouth and broke two of his front teeth last week, you don't expect the guy to smile at you every morning after the fight. If the guy has been your regular customer for milk and Murg Makhani (an Indian sultry dish of butter chicken) every day before the fight, you don't expect the guy to buy any more goods from you. Instead of going to your shop which is nearest to his home and sells the cheapest and most delicious Murg Makhani in the neighbourhood, the guy prefers to walk 10 miles on rough terrain every day to another shop which sells more expensive and less delicious Murg Makhani. If the guy can't find any other shops that sell milk for his baby, he may even resort to getting milk from his pet bitch.

    Don't think it's funny to hear someone feeding his baby with milk from his pet bitch. For instance, Romulus and his twin brother Remus, the legendary founders of Rome, were suckled and nursed by a she-wolf called Lupa in her lair in Palatine Hill until they were found by the herdsman Faustulus and his wife, who raised them as shepherds.



    4. Of course, the dark side is that you suffer a loss in income. However, you may discover a bright spot along the way. Suppose you are chasing after a girl who does not like you at all. The girl and her family keep hurling insults at you. Occasionally, they even humiliate you by spitting on your face. However, you endure all the insults and humiliation quietly. You still smile and bow humbly when you meet them. Most of the time, you just stare sadly and secretly at the proud girl from a distance.

    All the while, you wonder why your neighbour does not behave like you. However, one day you suddenly realise that he is disfigured for life by the loss of his two front teeth. Then you may start asking yourself: "Why don't I behave like that guy too?"

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