Israeli/Hamas Cease-Fire


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Sep 4, 2007

Hamas has become a bit more moderate after being elected, but I am not sure they can enforce this the way Israel wants.

A long-sought truce between Israel and Gaza militants went into effect early Thursday, with the aim of halting militant attacks and a bruising Israeli blockade that have made life unbearable for people living on both sides of the border.

A day of intense Palestinian rocket and mortar fire and Israeli air reprisals on Wednesday underscored just how fragile the Egyptian-brokered agreement would be.
May the peace last a thousand years!

Somehow I doubt it though. As everyone else has mentioned. I am sceptical about its success. Have we tried having the outcome of a soccer game decide it?
Reports coming in of rockets being launched and an Israeli air strike?? this agreement is what.. about 2 hours old. :rolleyes::D:D

the agreement starts in 3 days from when story came out. Evryone likes to get there parting shots in. Of Course Israel hit fist and those that survived that attack fired back...but no agreement was in place yet.
The story said Israeli air reprisals, meaning the rockets were fired first, but ok.

story I read was Israel hit a vehicle and some not killed in the vehicle got out and Fired back Mortars into Israel. But who knows maybe someone fired first and that's why they hit the vehicle in the first place, and they fired on Israel because of the last attack ...and so on and so on....that why its always hard to say who did what first, because its always payback for the last.....