J6 commission.

Boris Norris

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Jun 15, 2022
I note with glaringly obviously omission, my good friend the annoying thing, has failed to include in his biased reporting, the enquiry.

I know its embarrassing but it needs to be aired. The whole election fraud is now a joke and trumps cronies and family are dumping on him. They are all screaming for a pardon to escape the sinking ship.
Every day it reveals the lies and corrupt procedures he tried to pull.

What about the 250 million they gave him to fund some bogus scheme to fight the fraud case. Donny slipped it into the old sky rocket and mums the word. The fund never existed. Genuine people donated money for that and trump screwed them over again.

All that aside, there's an undercurrent amongst the die-hard trumpoids that the light is finally dawning. Trump is a cold blood narcissistic psychopathic liar. A thief in the eyes of the law but people can give money away if they like.
My good friend the annoying thing( what an embarrassing handle) must be having second thoughts about his idol. There's more to come and it won't get better. Watergate was similar without the insurrection. The resulting criminal charges will be similar.


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Apr 7, 2022
trump morons who still insist the election was stolen, after 2 YEARS with zero credible independent evidence, are true morons.