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Kim turns Xi's "big move" into "bigger move" for himself

Discussion in 'Asian Politics' started by reedak, Nov 26, 2017.

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    May 1, 2014
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    A week after President Donald Trump's visit to Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent Song Tao, the head of the Communist Party’s international liaison department, as special envoy to brief North Korean officials on the Chinese Communist Party’s five-yearly national congress. This sounds like a worker reporting his work to his big boss.

    The outcome of the visit shows that China is once again outplayed by North Korea. Let's see how Fatboy Kim turned the envoy's visit to his advantage:

    (a) Fatboy Kim used the occasion to show that he has won legitimacy and recognition from China since assuming power.

    (b) The visit gave Kim a golden opportunity to show his people that China has no choice but to support him after his killing of his half brother Kim Jong-nam.

    (c) It was reported that the Chinese envoy kept focus on the traditional friendship between China and North Korea, and there was no public word on denuclearizing the rogue state. The visit gave an impression that North Korea is not alone in its standoff with the US. America could at least see the long shadow of China behind North Korea.

    (d) Kim fully exploited the Chinese envoy's visit for his regime's propaganda. The envoy was shown on television visiting a shoe factory and a school.

    According to http://www.scmp.com/news/china/dipl...ngs-envoy-heads-home-north-korea-china-silent

    (Begin excerpts)
    Before leaving on Monday, Song went to a mausoleum for former North Korean leaders in Pyongyang, Korean Central News Agency reported.

    Song toured the mausoleum’s exhibition rooms featuring medals and vehicles used by former leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il and left a message in a guest book.

    “I express heartfelt longing for comrades Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il who were great leaders of the Korean people and friends of China,” Song wrote, according to the report. (End excerpts)

    (e) The Chinese envoy failed to meet with Fatboy Kim. He was reported to be "special" but not "high" enough for a private audience with the North Korean "emperor". Since the end of the Korean War, the North Korean regime has fiercely pursued an independent path. The Chinese envoy's visit gave Fatboy Kim a chance to show the world that North Korea is on par with China especially the rogue state is now a de facto nuclear state.

    His refusal to meet with the Chinese envoy could also be viewed as a deliberate snub to his Chinese counterpart. Trump hailed the dispatching of a Chinese envoy to North Korea by Xi as a "big move". Fatboy Kim, however, has turned the "big move" into a "bigger move" for himself. No wonder he was patient enough to keep a low profile as a "well-behaved boy" throughout the Chinese Communist Party’s five-yearly national congress and Trump's China visit. Let's see any resemblance between China's move to pacify the rogue state and the political satire which I posted on June 24, 2017 at https://www.houseofpolitics.com/threads/political-satire-the-old-man-of-the-mountain-3.19427/

    The following are excerpts from my fairy tale:

    (Begin excerpts)
    Narrator:...The priest had no difficulty walking across the narrow bridge as he was an expert tight-rope walker. Moreover, he was skilled in Wudang kungfu. After crossing the bridge, he looked back and saw the most amazing sight in his life. The dog owner was crawling along the bridge, with one end of a leash tied around his neck while the dog held the other end with its mouth. After a while, both man and beast managed to cross the bridge safely. The man untied the leash from his neck and put it back on his dog.

    Priest: What's wrong with you?

    Dog owner: After you left, my dog expressed its displeasure with me for colluding with my neighbour against its own interests by giving him my giant war drum. I explained that I had proved my love for it beyond all doubts by giving away my 2,000-year-old family heirloom. However, it is still not satisfied with my explanation. Furthermore, it disagrees with the common phrase "A dog is a man's best friend". It wants to change it to "A man is a dog's best friend". Both phrases make no difference to me because I consider a man and a dog as friends. Hence I accede to its demand to let it walk me across the bridge as a proof of my love for it... (End excerpts)



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