Obama and Indian PM Manmohan Singh to have a tough discussion today

Dileep p

New Member
Sep 27, 2013
The visit of PM Manmohan Singh to the US is in the middle of many serious bilateral issues such as the recent snooping incident on Indian Embassy, reported by The Hindu and the diverging policies of both countries regarding Iran, Afghan and Syria.

Manmohan Singh will be insecure regardless to all the black cats surrounding him through out the US visit as the Mansion he is going to stay and the embassy that connects him personal calls are all under the surveillance of NIA. The 2013 US visit of Manmohan won’t be as smooth as his US visit some four years back because the situation in both countries have just flipped. Four years back India easily tackled the Economic slowdown where as America was reeling under but now Indian currency and business survive on the policies of the US and the performance of their currency. This is a wake-up call for diplomats who got lured by the US proclamation that they would support US to get permanent Membership in the Security council. Now with such heavy turbulance in both political and economic front this dream is at a far distance.

To read more on the issues that Singh and Obama might stumble upon to come to a consensus visit:http://www.americanbazaaronline.com/2013/09/27/diplomatic-niceties-aside-singh-obama-tough-talk/