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On FBI Scumbags Targeting United Constitutional Patriots - WARNING !

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Stiffy, Apr 24, 2019.

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    Apr 9, 2019
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    Here’s another ‘Wake The Fuck UP CALL’ about the Scumbags you think are good guys at the FBI...

    Please copy and send this article to everyone.

    Remember, Patriots continue to wake others and join Militias across the nation as things escalate further.

    Trump is just a Bell Ringer and his days are numbered, which leaves us holding the bags.


    On The Targeting Of The United Constitutional Patriots


    PUBLISHED ON: APRIL 23, 2019
    • It’s no surprise that the United Constitutional Patriots, a militia that was patrolling for illegal alien invaders, was deplatformed on crowdfunding sites. Such sites, it’s understood, are only meant to raise money for social justice causes. Not for conservative ones.

      And once United Constitutional Patriots’ detention of illegal aliens turned into a viral news story, action was inevitable. And troubling.

      But the FBI’s intervention is even more so. Like the Mohammed YouTube video, the arrest of UCP figure was technically legal, but also a very obvious example of political opponents being targeted.

      Having the FBI function as one arm of a pressure campaign targeting a group trying to fight illegal migration is troubling.

      Especially when the FBI is already enmeshed in left-wing targeting aimed all the way up to Trump.

      Federal law enforcement and the judiciary have become deeply compromised and politicized.

      Reforming and depoliticizing the DOJ has to begin with a thorough review of political actions extending to the big stuff, Watergate 2.0, but also the smaller stuff, like the Finicum shooting, and the process by which this latest arrest happened. It is important to document how this came to the FBI’s attention, who recommended action and what was the basis for it.

      Anything else continues to raise the specter of the FBI functioning as a tool for suppressing political opposition.

      Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield


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