Some Possible Outcomes of Upcoming US-Sino Virtual Meeting


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May 1, 2014
1. In the interim period between launching two sets of missiles over the past several days, North Korea lashed out at the United States over its increasingly intimate ties with Taiwan, which is claimed by China.

Two days after announcing weekend launches of a "new type long-range cruise missiles," North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency published an article Tuesday featuring an article by an analyst criticizing the U.S. for stirring trouble with China as a result of diplomatic and military moves perceived as defying Washington and Beijing's precarious yet formative understanding on the status of the island-based Taipei government.

Kim Myong Chol, who has been cited in lieu of officials in previous commentaries in strictly state-run outlets, recalled President Joe Biden's relaxing of travel and political restrictions with Taiwan in April, a trip by U.S. senators to the island in June, the landing of U.S. military planes there in July and last month's latest arms package from the Pentagon to Taipei.

Kim Yong Chol also remarked on speculation that the Biden administration would extend an invite to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen to attend a virtual conference among democratic nations in December, and balked at the U.S. bringing up the subject of Taiwan in meetings with Asia-Pacific allies South Korea and Japan and across Europe.

"The aim sought by the U.S. through its attachment to the sensitive Taiwan issue is to use it as a means for putting pressure on China so as to deter China from making growth, disintegrate the country and stamp out its socialist system in the end," Kim Yong Chol wrote, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

"Preventing division of the country and achieving its unification is an issue pertaining to the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of China and, therefore, no one is entitled to intervene in it," he added.

Kim Yong Chol went on to accuse the U.S. of seeking to further its extend its global hegemony into the region, and lauded China's response.

"The U.S. moves clearly prove the nature of the American empire that is leaving no means untried in a bid to attain its sordid purpose," he wrote. "Now China is strongly standing against the U.S. moves designed at the permanent division of the country."…..


2. In contrast to its giant neighbour which seems to be still groping its way into the 21st century, the poor northeast Asian country is speaking forcefully and boldly like a number one superpower against the supposedly sole global superpower. Bravo, "Don Quixote" North Korea!

3. Speaking to the Associated Press in September 2021, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned of a potential new Cold War between the US and China. Shortly after Guterres’ critique, the US denied seeking a new Cold War with China. Despite its denials, the US continues to demonise its so-called "competitor" in every possible way. In effect, the “two-faced" Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde White House incumbent is treating the UN chief and all other people like idiots with his contradictory actions and double talk.

There are two possible outcomes from the upcoming US-Sino virtual meeting. It will quite likely end up as the usual meaningless "talk show" with rivalry and animosity couched in the niceties of diplomatic speak.

In the other outcome, both leaders may remove their "masks" to show their true faces. Their meeting could be the last, as more meetings would be just as meaningless if not more useless.

4. The Chinese leader should opt for the second outcome in order to send a stern warning to that woman across the strait to halt all separatist activities. Due to her young age, that half aboriginal Taiwanese woman has a higher chance to outlast the Chinese leader in their competition to rule for life. Hence the Chinese leader should use the virtual meeting as a platform to lash out at her US master who has vowed to stand solidly behind her.

5. Playing hardball, the Chinese leader must ask his US counterpart the following questions during the upcoming virtual meeting:

(a) When will you order the release of your predecessor’s tax returns?

(b) When will you prosecute your predecessor for his role in inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot?

(c) When will you round up all the criminal elements that were pardoned by your predecessor?

If you can't clean up the mess in your own house, please don't teach others what to do.

6. In addition, the Chinese leader must ask his US counterpart for the following questions:

(a) When will the US publicly apologize for its genocide of Red Indians?

(b) When will the US let all the so-called Indian Nations join the United Nations?

(c) When will the US let its indigenous peoples travel freely abroad as tourists and students?

Infuriated by the "Don Quixote's bravery" of the Chinese leader, the US leader may start cursing and swearing. In response, the Chinese leader may remove his shoes, sandals, clogs or whatever footwear, and start pounding them on his desk.

Flying into a rage, the US leader may draw his gun to fire a shot through the giant screen. Such a surreal experience may jolt the Chinese leader out of his seat and through the roof. :)

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